Grey Owl, the perfect symbolic guide

Two new creations have hit the shelves of Freeravin Designs, Both symbolizing what the magnificent grey owl has to teach us.  Created with the intention of seeing the beauty in everything, things we deem imperfect, situations we see as negative, the Grey Owl has the ability to show us that even though we may be perceiving something that we see at the time as “not good” or “hard” there is something unseen always available to be seen.  We just have to develop the mind and eyes to see what is positive and beautiful in any given situation.

The Grey Owl is the symbol of just that process, seeing the unseen.  What better way to symbolize the great grey owl’s efforts then to design a pair of earrings just for you to represent this vision and how we can choose to live our lives.  The “Grey Owl” pair of feather earrings are long and grey reaching to 8″ in length and wide, as to capture everything whit in view.  They hang weightless alongside your neck and bring back into your mind what is available for you too see, what do you choose to see in this life?

Grey Owl
Grey Owl

KNow internally that you always have the choice to look at any given moment in your life with the eyes of “seeing the unseen.”  Choosing to look at something in a way that no one has ever looked at it before, like your eyes have turned into some kind of magic balls and they take in life in such a way that everything around you is blessed and covered in the beauty of gratitude, lathered in suds of kindness and compassion.  You have this chance and you have these innate abilities to do this, just open your eyes and connect them right to your heart.  Like you have tied a string from the back of your eyes to the center of your heart and every time something happens today, feel your eyes tug on your heart-strings and see the world with this beauty, this kind compassionate gaze that not only coats what you see in love but then fills your own body, mind and life with a love that is a special gift to live in.

If you’re a unique bird and you love the different vibes created in this world then I made “Grey Owl Single” for you.  This is a single earring version of the Grey Owl feathered earrings.  Choose to wear them as a pair or as a single, but always remember every vision you have, every situation you enter you have a choice to make, you can either pull on your compassionate grateful heart-strings and view your life with the eyes of seeing the unseen Grey Owl vision, or you can look at life in another light.  I have a feeling if you choose to tug on your heart strings with every vision you will have a happy life.

Grey Owl Single
Grey Owl Single



“If you want others to be happy, practice compassion.  If you want to be happy, practice compassion.”

-Dalai Lama

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