Gypsy Road Traveling

I left Denver Tuesday morning to drive myself into a state of freedom and self-love, I rested in my car seat feeling a bubbling of giddy joy emanate through my body as I passed every roads sign looking for the next interesting, and captivating stop.   Driving filled me, the road signs filled me and the passing farms filled me.  I have been feeling in a place of “stuck” and something symbolic happened inside as I left in my car, alone driving to a place that will enhance my spiritually and give me the chance to be of service.  It’s like my life is blessed beyond blessed and I am living in an epic dream.

I am a gypsy.  It’s in my blood and when I leave the “normal” habits of everyday lifestyle, that’s when I truly feel at peace.  When I am alone, in my car driving with no plans, that freedom lifts my heart to a sense of peace that is unmatched in the other rhythms of everyday life.  It’s like my blood has its own style and when my outward actions meet my inward style, I am truly at peace and happy.  It took me sometime to accept this, as it’s kind of against the grain of the rest of society, but now at the blooming age of 31 I can feel my own inner truth blossom and I can also feel my self confidence growing to a place where I can accept my reality and own truth with an open set of arms holding myself in a state of unconditional love, needing nothing from the outside and able to provide everything from within.  This is a true blessing.

It also came from years of working on myself and looking into a mirror with great amounts of courage, sweeping nothing under the rug and accepting all of my faults as lessons to be learned from and loving every corner, every freckle, every word that comes out of me.

So in this loved gypsy acceptance state I have been soaring and loving the USA, it is filled with amazing beautiful souls that smile at me and send me love through their eyes.  I have been hosted in Savannah MO, from a beautiful man who I met on a 10 day Vipassana retreat.  I know it may seem strange that I made such a close friend on a 10 day silent meditation retreat, but he and I locked eyes the second we walked into the dining hall and I knew with in seconds that we were connected, from other lives.  I sent him Metta and left him a note at the end of the retreat which led to writing one another letters then a day ago, having a beautiful dinner, watching the sun set over the fields and talking until 1 am. Then off driving to Chicago….

Driving to Chicago
Driving to Chicago

Blessed is the trend of the trip and love is what fills my heart.  I want to introduce you to this new piece of jewelry that I am offering for sale as of 10 minutes ago, it’s a one of a kind piece that will never be reproduced for sale and it is infused with this inner gypsy life freedom and a beautiful love filled desire to live one’s life in a state of openness and fulfillment.

It’s called “White Fox Body Chain” and it’s for my super hero persona, the Healing White Fox.  That is who I become late at night where I shape shift into a White Fox and I sent Reiki love through my heart into the lives of other’s.  And yes this epic job comes with a beautiful costume I created, I am the Healing White Fox.  I have a street website for people who want to work with me during the day as well, but the White Fox is always working through the night whether hired or not 🙂

White Fox Body Chain
White Fox Body Chain
White Fox Body Chain
White Fox Body Chain

I am off for a run through the local corn field before I drive in to the windy city of Chicago, spending my morning eating the local creations and dancing through the local parks sending smiles to people around me.  I leave you with this quote that fills me for today and I am also open to suggestions on where and what to do in Chicago today, as I have never been there and my inner curiosity is high and open!

Local Farms, IL
Local Farms, IL

“Be grateful for whoever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.” 
― Rumi


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  1. Sending you Peace & Love on your Blossoming Journey ❤

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