The Beauty is inside of you…

“If the Beautiful One is not inside you, then what is that Light hidden under your cloak?”
― Rumi
The Beauty Inside of You
The Beauty Inside of You

There is a beautiful essence to all of Rumi’s words, but to always remember that with in ourselves is the greatest beauty of all feels like such a great reminder.  I often find myself looking outward for ‘things’ to create an external beauty, but we have the ability to emanate an energy that is attractive and will attract other’s.

Through my recent travels I have noticed the moods I enter and the moods that I feel and if I am projecting a beauty from my heart, a loving kindness and softness everyone around me smiles and welcomes me, almost like we already know one another.  If I am irritated or upset over something, then it seems that everyone around me is in some kind of state of anger or irritation with me.  Traffic is a wonderful example of this, we have a choice at any moment to enjoy our breath and just accept what is going on around us, or we have the choice to get mad at a situation we can’t control and work ourselves all up from the inside out.

At the end of the day, we have no control over anything but how we react to things, and everything is OUR choice, it’s our decision whether we want to be mad, or kind, sweet or salty, sultry or savvy.  So the choice is your’s but the first step is to know that you have a choice.  So make one that feels good to your heart and I find that to my heart, I love being kind, I love smiling and being grateful for the trip I am on whether there is traffic or not and if you cannot reach this state, then figure out what you have to do to get there because this one day is all we have and if we are angry, then it’s a waste of a chance to spread love and kindness not only to ourselves but to the beautiful world around us.

In Love

From Pennsylvania


Scarlet Ravin


Love Yourself
Love Yourself

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