Open, Balanced Eyes

Many times I have seen in this world, a person so passionate, so drawn to a practice that it is as if all of their life force is being pulled in one direction.  This is a beautiful discipline and a beautiful passion to watch from the sidelines.  Much inspiration can be created from this type of practice.  It’s almost as if all the stars in the sky light up because the heart is so full and focused of something loved and nurturing for that person.  Flowers feel the power of a heart centered focus and bloom brighter, ponds swirl and tickle the toes of local swimmers in the presence fo this type of practice.

I have also been watching this practice bloom with an unbalance, a focus so tight on one point that the beauty around is missed.  The bees kiss flowers and their spinning wings go unnoticed, the dancing of peacocks and kissing of squirrels are missed by too tight of a gaze on one point, one focus into a belief that we have created in our mind.  This I believe, is where a conscience balance comes in.  A drive in one direction following the dharma is beautiful but if the rest of the world goes untouched, unnoticed, not kissed then there is no balance in the practice.

The Buddha always speaks on Middle Ground, a path that comes from the center of your heart, train your mind and leads you right down the center of the road not climbing one hill or another to the top, but balancing yourself on walking through the thick of it, through the center of the earth touching every flower and dancing with every swirling pond while keeping that center of light in balance.  It’s the most beautiful of things to be in a sit, feeling centered, balanced and in love with all that is as if nothing can shake your core.  But what does all this matter if you step off your zafu and get annoyed at the pecking of a woodpecker?  What is your practice doing for you if you can’t take it out into the world and experience all of the gifts of nature and pure love from beautiful beings dancing right in front of your eyes?

Balance.  I have been watching this dance for sometime now wanting to write about it but knowing more and more for myself, that balance leads to grace.  Finding a true balance of my spirituality, sexual energy, creativity, self nurture, outward expression all leads to the enlightened bliss I love to play with.  A playful spirit of dancing with my follies and watching myself learn and grow as if every day I bring beginners eyes back into my inner mind, reminding myself that I am here to play.  Play, learn and stay walking my path with an open squishy heart that lights up my eyes and beams into the hearts of others.  This is my practice, and for me this practice can come with much difficulty out and about bouncing from one place to the next trying to balance a spinning cup on the tip of a chopstick.  It can be quite easy for me most days to sit on my cushion and breathe, to sink into a breathe that lulls me into bliss.  It’s the feet walking opportunities that bring about the balance of my true practice.

For as long as I have been running Freeravin I have been aware of the power of balance, and for me it came out in expressions of the literal unbalance of most of my earring designs.  Something in the intentional design of unbalance brought about balance.  In “Liv Love” I created an asymmetrical appeal and when I wear them, I feel a balance with in my heart.  It’s a path I am walking that I feel there are no words to truly speak on why this is for me…But see for yourself…

Liv Love
Liv Love

One side long, the other short.  Not everything has to be perfectly even to be perfectly even.  You don’t have to sit on your cushion for 10 hours a day with a one pointed focus so intense you miss the beauty of all going on around you.  Balance is in the heart, not what you’re doing.  It’s about how you hold yourself and the world, it’s about an unconditional love and compassion that can not only fill yourself but fill all those around you with a sense of uplifting bliss that will make the birds sing and the tree’s dance right before your eyes.  Try it….It’s what happens when love takes over.

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