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In the studio with Circe B. Photography I bring you the first pictures from our first in studio shoot.  Freeravin being such a free-spirited company and due to my extreme love of cherishing and loving nature I typically shoot my new styles outside surrounded by the tree’s and birds I love and hold dear.  I went crazy open switching it up in the most beautiful way, with four walls around us and a ceiling above us we still managed to keep the free-spirited vibes flowing thick and came up with the most Goddess filled pictures with stunning new designs just in time for the heat of summer.

Grey Owl Feather Earrings
Grey Owl Feather Earrings

Not much-needed to be said about this stunning model adorning herself with beautiful and flowing Grey Owl Freeravin Feather Earrings.  The grey owl is a symbol of night vision and seeing more deeply into the unseen.  The parts of ourselves we wish to be free of and integrate into our heart so we may have the opportunity to walk through this world with clear loving compassionate vision and grace, open heart and all.

White Fox Body Chain
White Fox Body Chain

The White Fox Body Chain is a stunning wrap with 14k plated chain and a white feather adornment resting right below your heart.  Wrap your body in the spirit of bohemia and adorn your heart with the sense of sexy that’s grounded into the earth.  The White Fox is perfect for shape shifting into the being and energy you wish to hold in side of your life.  Enjoy the freedom of blossoming into the being you wish yourself to be and know that the energy of Freeravin supports your every transformation.

Stone Cold Fox Feather Earrings
Stone Cold Fox Feather Earrings

The Stone Cold Fox Feather Earring is the perfect pair for any hot summer night, turning your nightly garb into that of a Stone Cold Fox.  The earrings hang gently and sparkle with flowing sterling silver chain or 14k gold chain allowing your sparkle to shine even brighter.  Open your heart and flash your smile, this is the chance for you to dance naked like no one is watching.

So thank you for taking the time to read about the new happenings of the expression of my heart, sometimes my expression comes to you in words, sometimes in heart-felt design, but it’s always a pure extension of me.  My travels and inner growth inspire me to share and my Freeravin styles are what I wear and adorn my goddess self with, so I bow to share them with you.

In Love and Light

Scarlet Ravin

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