Freeravin Features….

Freeravin has been energetically spreading its design wings all over this earth, and has recently been featured on the beautiful website of Shop Latitude.   “Tibetan Rain”  Has always been a favorite on the Freeravin Website, and to have it now featured on a big website that reaches many more fans is such a blessing to hold in my heart.  It’s a Tibetan Om pendant bringing the love and devotion of the beautiful spirit of oneness hanging around your neck, followed by a beautiful Hamsa blessing and some sea glass to remind you of the flow of life.

Tibetan Rain
Tibetan Rain

This beautiful design has a mixed metal with 14k gold and sterling silver mixed through out the necklace.  It rests beautifully at 20″ long and will bless you through out your day.  There are also other designs featured on this epic travel website so visit and see how Freeravin is stretching out into the world of high fashion design and styles.  Each piece is still hand-made and infused with love right from my heart.

I Love You
I Love You

So from my wings to your heart I bring you what I love, and infuse it with my love.  May all of your days be filled with a blessed desire to be yourself and dance naked like no one is watching!




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