Intentional Living, Intentional Loving

The form of intentional living and loving keeps arising in my life, with beautifully woven signs and dharma teachings on the meaning of being intentional with what I do and what I create.  Knowing in my heart that everything created carries a vibration, everything that I make has my energy in it and the way I was feeling and my intention for making that piece of jewelry is what goes into it, not just what we see but the tiny vibrating energies are also infused into the design carrying my hearts intention with it.

Example.  When you buy something that was factory made in China, made in a large lump with many other things and then packaged and shipped to the USA that item has the vibration of the factory in it, when you wear it that vibration touches your fields and body and you feel it on a subtle level, but it is still a tiny piece creating the whole vibrational package that makes up you.

When you buy something hand-made, something that an artist sat down, meditated, cleared their heart then sent energy from their heart, through their arms and right into what they are creating then that piece of jewelry or design also carries that loving intentional energy with it.  When you then put that on your body, it contributes to your whole on a vibrational level.  This is now wishy-washy eccentric stuff.   This is science.  This can actually be proven in a western controlled environment providing the data to convince your left brain on how it actually works.

It can also be felt by your heart and emotional body if you choose to open to it and feel it out for yourself.  This is why intentional creating of jewelry and clothing for me means so much, in tiny ways my heart infused creations are sent off all over the world to be worn by beautiful goddess’ and god’s and to contribute to the raising of the vibration in all of our hearts.  I sit, I center then I create watching the energy flow right from my heart and into the design that is now infused with an epic amount of love to uplift you through out your day and send you into sweet dreams at night.

If I wake to find myself off-center, having a bad day or going through some type of process then I don’t create jewelry or clothing, I don’t make any designs until I can re-center and realign with the intention of love and the sense of uplifting from my heart to your’s.  This to me is intentional living, living from the heart while having a job that does good to this world and uplifts those around me, in turn uplifting myself.  My service is my meditation and I am beyond grateful to be of service to all those sexy ladies out there that wish to be wise and open, wish to dance in the presence of beauty and wear designs that contribute to their overall happiness vibrational, with intention.

Welcome to the art of Freeravin.

Intentional Design
Intentional Design


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  1. That’s how I do my massages. 🙂

    Love Ron

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