Portal of the Heart

I have been traveling through New York, taking a break from living in a tent and landing my self at the Elm Rock Inn.  A beautiful bed and breakfast spot in Stone Ridge, New York just about 25 minutes from the famous Woodstock, NY.  The room I am in is the cherry on top of the bountiful cake that is this bed and breakfast.  I was welcomed with open arms and surrounded by cultivated beauty and a peaceful land.  I love it.  I am cooked amazing gourmet breakfasts’ and filled with genuine care as I stay here, I am kind of still blown away at the experience.

I asked Elm Rock if there is anywhere I could go for a healing treatment to rejuvenate myself before I go back to my community and serve another retreat, they sent me to Simhara, Portal of the heart.  The words I am about to share do not match the actual feelings and sensations I received from my treatment, the land and the portal.  For there are no words here on earth able to match what I felt, but I will do my best.

I was a bit hesitant at first to do a session as for 60 minutes the cost was $100.00, and for me that’s about two weeks of pay but after the owner shared the following words with me, I knew I had to go.

“Regarding the treatment, we are all heart centered healers and the massage is integrative wherein the therapist tunes in, sees what you need in that moment.  If it is energy or deep or Swedish or hot stone or whatever that is one of the ways the massages are customized.The spa is the nations first bio harmonized spa which mitigates for all emf issues and when you are there your DNA helix spins in the right direction.  We also do a full 60 minutes not 50 as most do in the area.  Often times we go over that as well.

The entire focus of SIMHARA is to elevate frequency for healing as there is a special energy vortex and portal on the property.

The therapist you were scheduled with is also a shambala healer.” Blessings, Simone.

I was blown away, like a hidden gem in the woods I went to my 5pm session, that Simone arranged just for me as they are typically closed on Tuesdays.  Not only that but Simone was so present and attentive to me, she responded to every email and phone call and I felt the genuine interest of healing other’s ringing in her words.  She opened me up to come to Simhara, and I am beyond grateful for her commitment to me as what I experienced last night was so beautiful and healing, something that was meant to be on my life path.

The property is full of intentional healing, even if one does not feel it they can see with their eyes, arranged healing crystals set out into intentional patterns and as I sat on the front porch to tune in, I felt a calm loving energy pour over my heart, and it was as if roots grew from my feet and sunk my heart deep into the healing land.

Ron opened the door for me, a beautiful soul with kind eyes and an open heart.  He sat with me and tuned into me as we went over my intention for the treatment, and I was still trying to contain my excitement for being in such a place.  Crystals set in the perfect places, healing lotions and oils adorning the shelves along with tiny pieces of paper explaining some crystals and their properties.  My heart was over joyed as I experienced Simone’s vision first hand, “She must be an epic Goddess,” I thought to myself.  This woman had a vision and she manifested it, now I have the beautiful opportunity to experience a womans dream and how that dream is now reverberating out into the lives of other’s.  Even Ron expressed his gratitude for having the opportunity to work in such a place, he spoke of the calming healing energy that entered him from the land and environment around him as well, and we both smiled knowing we were in the presence of something special, and we had the chance to be a part of it.

The treatment he gave me was so beautiful and perfect words can not explain what I felt and how much better I feel today.  I felt so loved and held, he was so present with me and his hands omitted the most beautiful healing energy, I felt lightening like pulses roam through my system coming straight from the source.  Abundant beauty, abundant healing and abundant gratitude are the only words even close to what I felt.

After our session he took me to the Portal on the property and showed me the epic spot Simone discovered known as “Portal of the Heart.”  It was.  The energy was light but thick at the same time, it was loving and grounding.  I set my intention shared my huge amounts of gratitude and bowed in my heart for being in the presence of such open-hearted love.  I also made a wish, as that is what I do in the presence of greatness, plus Ron said I could!

I woke this morning feeling so refreshed and filled, so touched at the authentic beauty I discovered and so grateful for Ron, Simone and all the other’s that poured their love into that space.  Simone even sent me an email that night asking how it was and sending more of her love to me.  I am so grateful for the experience and all I have to say to all my followers out there is this:

This is a spot one should experience, this is a healing beautiful place that will touch your soul and heal your body.  If you are anywhere by Stone Ridge New York call Simone or email her and connect, your heart, mind, body and soul will thank you.  info@simhara.com or 845-687-7721

In Love and Light,


You shall, even as the man who seeks flowers, Find the most beautiful, the rarest.
You shall, even as the man who seeks flowers, Find the most beautiful, the rarest.

You shall, even as the man who seeks flowers, Find

the most beautiful, the rarest.


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