Internal Construction, Partnership Opening Soon!

It seems for the last 17 years of my life I have been focusing on entering partnerships, keeping a partnership, nurturing partnership, healing partnership or attracting a new partner.  All of this takes an extreme amount of energy and although it’s completely beautiful with nothing else like it, I have chosen to take a two month break from any kind of intermingling.  I started on July 15th, choosing to not kiss any more men and stay clear with in myself, start an internal reconstruction of what partnership means to me and what i am looking for in a partner.

My values have grown, my spiritual practice has deepened and it’s time now for me to take a step back, rest with myself in silence and see myself for the Goddess I am.  It seems that the easy move for me is to leave a long relationship, feeling free and clear and quite happy then due to the fact of the happy feeling I open right back up and jump head first into the arms of another man, but this time I choose another path.  I choose the path of no kissing, no intermingling of energies and allowing all of the energy I do cultivate to re-enter myself, and myself only.  I am self nurturing, self loving and healing my body mind and spirit and it feels like the most lightening experience to date!

Surprising to me, I feel even more free than when I am single and open, I feel centered and un-distracted from my goals along with healing.  I have been going through an epic amount of self-healing lately, like all of my old patterns and sore spots are rising to the surface for me to really integrate and heal them for good, to move forward into a state of adoration of everything, most of all myself.  It has been extremely easy and uplifting, and also very encouraging for my heart.

I am cultivating myself so that when all of the internal construction is complete, I can re-open to partnership!  My re-opening date is September 15th!

This channeling of energy has led me to more beautiful designs and more intricate adornments for the epic goddess to wear and I feel grateful to have created the “Feather Head Dress” which holds with in it the energy of self-care, self-love and the feeling of being free wherever one may be in their life.  To hold oneself in the hands of love and cultivate a life where self-care and internal love for oneself comes first, to enter partnership already being whole, attracting another whole being.

Feather Head Dress
Feather Head Dress
Look Inside to Find True Love
Look Inside to Find True Love

Look within to find true love, that’s where the end of the rainbow really exists and celebrate yourself in a truly beautiful way, this light than enhances over and over again and you will shine so bright into this world that the clouds will part and love will then enter you from all sides!

May Love always be with you, and may the grass tickle your toes as you walk your true path…

In Love and Light


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