The Most Amazing…

I spent the summer in love, surrounded by my teachers and living in a community filled with beings that are all my soul sisters and brothers, which is just what the doctor ordered.  I have been longing for my spiritual community and to be with them has filled my body and soul with a joy incomparable to anything else on this planet.

I was blessed to have met a man named Alejandro, who became one of my greatest teachers in this life.  He is a man young at age 35, a beautiful pair of cloudy eyes and a heart bigger then the orbiting sun.  He carries a wisdom with in him that shines into the hearts of all those around him.  He walks stiffly carrying his body through rheumatoid arthritis and still, a laughing grace dances in his step.  His eyes clouded by blindness as they drift away into the darkness, his heart shines brighter and brighter showing us that the art of seeing need not be through the eyes.

He tought me so much.  I read him the book, “The Art of Hearing Heartbeats,” because I knew he was looking for love, for that perfect partnership.  This book was given to me by my father, a little while back I was in a relationship that was not serving me, and he gave me this book saying, ” Read this, the love in this book is the kind of love I want for you in this life my daughter.”  So I read it, of course.

My father was right, that is the love I want for myself in this life and through reading this book I attuned my cells to what “True Love” really does feel like.  It’s unconditional, it doesn’t own you, it doesn’t cling to you, it holds you gently allowing you to stay free and stay your true self while filling you with true love that nourishes and guides your soul on the path.  This is the love I want,  and thanks to the book I know how to bring it in.   I wanted Alejandro to know the same vibrations of this true love, this unconditional love.

We read the book together in the Zendo, but we would also share ourselves with one another telling stories about our lives and becoming closer and closer to one another.  He is amazing.  He has walked through the thickest deepest mud yet still has bloomed into a beautiful lotus blossom.  He is one of my greatest teachers and I will love him forever.  Alejandro taught me the art of gratitude and the grace of love, as he walks stiffly through life with cloudy eyes he laughs and vibrates higher than most, with a grace that will bless your soul if you have the chance to be around him for longer than a minute.  This man is a special being and I bow to him in gratitude for his teachings this summer.  As I left last Sunday he gave me this letter…


She Rides.

Atop a thunderous steed that is her heart.

She rides with beautiful poise, high grace and a style that is all her own.

And she rides holding a fire in her chest and feathers clenched in her fist.

She rides with great attentiveness as her heart races wildly through unbeaten paths.

This heart is not to be taken lightly.

It does not take well to unfit riders.

Those who ride carelessly or try to spur this heart into motion

Are bucked off and left to sit alone on dusty roads as she rides away, stronger

It was my great fortune to come across this woman when our paths crossed

I, Upon a ray of light, witnessed as she soothed and caressed her wounds

She had fallen off her heart many times, but she told me she was never afraid

to mount again and again

Each time she picked herself up off the ground, thanked her ruby steed for all its teachings

nourished her soul and continued walking the path, kissing the ground with her feet

She showed me how to magnify my light so that it may outshine the darkness of anger

She gifted me the gentle reins that would harness my pain

And just as the sun began to drop down into a sea of amber and crimson clouds,

and just before the moon awoke and the stars began to dance I watched as she mounted her heart again

With a bow and a smile, I bid her farewell, knowing that I will hear her galloping heartbeat vibrate in my

Chest whenever I sit under a Scarlet sky.

Safe travels my friend,



Alejandro and Twylla
Alejandro and Twylla
Yoshin and I
Yoshin and I

In gratitude I thank all of my soul brothers and sisters for the most beautiful summer of my life, I love all of you forever and hold you close to my soul.  Until we meet again…






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