The Chosen One…


As the orders for Freeravin Designs come in from week to week, I tend to see a trend in what is ordered.  Most of the orders placed come from all over the USA and Canada, so the location varies quite a bit.  This week there has been one distinct trend of one particular pair of earrings.

“Evolved Love” is the most popular for the week, with its beautiful two tier design and a unique expression of wearable art unto itself.  This particular pair of earrings was actually inspired by a love I created internally for myself.  I sat in meditation and I began to create the perfect life partner for me, igniting feelings in my heart.  As I meditated on this partner, I then brought into form what I would look like as I met him, all the way down from head to toe, how my hair was made up, my dress, my shoes and then, my earrings.  While I pictured us meeting for the first time I was wearing “Evolved Love” hence the name.

I picture my life partner being a strong yet soft man, a man who can carry a light spiritual heart along with him knowing that we are all just balls of light playing around in skin suits learning lessons, evolving and sharing love with one another as we learn and grow.  My true life partner knows this in his heart and he loves and bows to the earth, caring for her as I do.

So my mind’s eye carries this picture when ever I see these earrings and to have them ordered so frequently lately makes my heart fill with the deepest joy available.  I am going to make another pair for myself and wear them knowing that many other beautiful goddess are wearing this design, feeling the true meaning in their heart of what “Evolved Love” is.

Evolved Love
Evolved Love
Evolved Love
Evolved Love



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