The True State of Being

Having the realization that the gypsy blood, that runs through my veins is a guiding factor in my life and for so long I have tried to deny those roots.   I was comparing myself to those around me that I deemed as normal but I was really just comparing myself to other people in that I was resisting what i naturally was which was extremely different from the majority.  

During the process of denying my true inner beings calling I felt an intense amount of weights around me and life wouldn’t flow easily,  blocks would present themselves.  But now that I have fully embraced the Gypsy blood that runs through my veins and even made an investment in a trailer to make moving, which seems to be occurring consistently every couple of months to new locations, has made my life much simpler and gave me a more independent vibe.  Now things have begun to start flowing for me in my life as soon as I have embraced the trie essence of my being.

There is resistance, and there is acceptance.  After experiencing the two I can see now why there is a beautiful plan already laid out for each and every one of us.  It may not be so obvious at first but there is a true reality running through each and every one of our veins.  For me that inner reality never resembled anything I saw around me so I remained in a state of denial causing outward blocks and inward pain.  Now experiencing walking the path of acceptance that ok, I am a gypsy, I am a woman who wants to find the true essemce of unconditional love and share this love with all those around me.  That I am not going to grow deep roots into this earth in just one town and I am not going to stay in one location for a lengthy amount of time, my life has begun to blossom.

Things are now flowing within my life, within my happiness within my ability to see  it out in the world.  This just shows that when there is an energy block from the resistance of your truth and your true lighted path then it can show up in many other places in your life over and over again.  As soon as you embrace the natural essence of who you are and you allow the energy to flow through you like a river running down a mountain then that’s it, you ride that river and it takes you every where you need to be in the universe.  Your held and you have love, you have friends and you have laughter and everything is handed to you on a silver platter.  This is not without the integration of certain triggers arising but this happens in a graceful easily handled way rather than resisting the energies of the truth and your natural light.

When resistance is present one can experience ailments and diseases, boughts of depression and sadness while struggling to have the ability to see life for what it really is which is just completely beautiful and perfect in every way. No labels, no judgements, no boxes, an experience is an experience and it’s beautiful  whether we are inclined to deem it as a positive or negative one it’s really neither.  It’s just something happening and it’s to be watched and it’s to be something shared with your own presence and that in itself is life.  That’s the beauty of living and the beauty of having the ability to really just be present with someone and share one another’s energy.  

This to me, if I could really describe to you what true love is it’s having a moment with someone, looking into their eyes and sharing a moment while feeling that vibe re-circulate between your hearts and it may only be a couple of seconds and you may never see that person again and it may have been the first time that you ever did see that person but that person is you.  If your ever feeling tight about giving someone a present you don’t want to spend that extra 5 or 10 bucks or you don’t want to do those extra couple of dishes because you deem them as “not yours,” you are doing those dishes for yourself.   You may be viewing other people as a separate entity from you, but other people are mirrors for you, you are  taking care of yourself by taking care of other people.

The path to taking care of yourself is important and a requirement for really loving yourself.  The path to really loving yourself seems to be the path to taking care of yourself and watching what you eat and what you put on your body how you think and talk about yourself, embracing with grace while having positive, open, beautiful, accepting eyes, the acceptance of love and knowing that everyone outside of you is you, as we are all consciences and we are all connected while want the same thing.

So even though on the outside we live differently, we may dress differently or decorate differently, our cores are all the same.  We are beings of light and we all want to channel the essence of love and experience the beauty of loving and being loved.  So knowing that, how do you want to live?  How can you show love to those around you knowing internally they are a mere reflection of your own being?  Ho can you tune in to what your true nature is, find your lighted path and walk don this path with an openness to see your true essence.  I know this takes a vast amount of strength, to really step out of the structured life around you and walk into the unknown but know that it is only the unknown until you open to it.  It, meaning the true essence of who you are, will become completely familiar and even comforting once you walk into the acceptance from your heart center.  

You can channel the feeling of love easily by thinking of someone you love, no really embrace that loving feeling.  Let it flow all through your body.  Now close your eyes and have a check in, do you feel that for yourself?  Do you feel that unconditional love for the life you have built around you?  Are you totally fulfilled?  because you can be…It’s is already inside of you waiting to wake up and begin walking down a path of acceptance and understanding.

So have fun, wear beautiful sexy shoes and enjoy dancing down your lighted path whether it looks like the path of others around you or not.  But walk with your own true style and grace.

And by all means, have fun!



Enhance your true being
Enhance your true being


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