Dedication to the Black Wolves…


Everything I design comes right from my heart with intention, it’s a vision I have and then create with my hands bringing it into manifestation, and this process is one that allows me to feel free internally, then externally as I adorn myself with these love filled creations.  On the outside this may look like a business of one woman selling her artistic creations, but for me Freeravin Designs is much more than that.  It’s a time when I tune into my connections with the universe and I dream up and manifest the beauty that I love but have yet to see here on earth.

Lately I have been traveling and moving so much that my hands have not created new designs other than the “Black Wolf Skirt,” but now I do have time….Now that I am settled and in love with Crestone Colorado there will be much more incredible unique designs to come and spice up your beautiful goddess self.

“The Black Wolf” was designed for a goddess that is a black wolf.   I went to a Shaman when I was living in Ithaca a few weeks ago and every time we meet, I receive healing from him and he teaches me what his elders taught him.  I was telling him about my lawyer friend, who I love and who brings the light and love from the healing world into the darkness of the lawyer world filled with people who have yet to awaken.  But I believe her sheer presence awakens them with the love and truth that she spreads while she is merely present with them.

The Shaman told me that this friend of mine was a black wolf, a black wolf is someone who won’t be noticed so easily by people who internally may be afraid to wake up or be in the presence of loving light,  so they have the ability to be a loving healer spreading the dharma love and truths of this world but they can bring them to the sleep walkers, the people living as lawyers or judges and her presence would not be noticed because she is a black wolf.  No for instance if a love and light bringing goddess were to walk into the lawyer world as a purple elephant, then surely her presence would be known and these left brained lawyers would spot her immediately and send her out into the exile with the rest of us dancing around the outside of some circles like lawyers.

So this friend of mine, the black wolf studies the dharma, she teaches her students about meditation and intentional healing, while respecting and loving the land while trying to get men off of death row that were wrong fully convicted.  Her presence is greatly needed in this world, because there are very few loving healers that can exist in the presence of sleep walkers while still shinning the loving light through their hearts.  So thank you black wolf friend, this skirt is for you.  This skirt is for you to wear as you leave the office, put down your brief case and dance into the goddess wolf that you are, as you pick your peonies and make flower tinctures to share with your friends, as you dance under the full moon howling in love with all of your internal knowledge!  Thank you Valena!!!!

Black Wolf Skirt
Black Wolf Skirt

In dedication to Valena, I leave you with this creation.  This skirt holds the true black wolf essence and was created for you to wear, adorn your body and channel the freedom that only a black lone wolf can feel, while being cunning and clever may your presence grace this world with the loving light and beautiful vibrations that emanate from your heart!

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