Help Freeravin Grow and Fly

I am writing today to share with you a dream I have.  It’s a dream I have had for some time now, and I like to think of it as an extension of my creative loving self.  It’s the dream of Freeravin Designs reaching the masses and my unique designs spreading over the globe and adorning people with intentional jewelry hand-made with love infused into it’s very being.

I am always in search of some way to break through the other creative masses and shine a light on goddess that cultivate their own free spirit and aren’t afraid to walk side ways while others walk straight.  I grew up always being different, always dressing strange in others eyes and always dancing to my own tune, which no one else could hear.  Even though now I embrace my differences, it was hard to grow up and never really feel at home, anywhere.  My thoughts were unusual, my actions never made sense and the way my eyes saw the world was clearly different then my class mates.

It took me years to embrace who I really am and love myself for being myself, for dressing completely different, for being the only one with massively curly hair, for never understanding what other’s understood in one blink and for having goals that were looked at with a side ways face.

Freeravin is my baby.  It’s my creative outlet where I have a platform to share what’s in my heart and while I make the jewelry I infuse love into every chain, every bead, every feather with the intention that who ever gets to wear what I create gets to feel that love enter into their hearts, and grow more into loving themselves, as I have.

So I entered a contest to have one of my necklace designs be featured on a website called Shop Bevel, and the intention is that if my design wins, then they make it for me and sell it for me while I get a percentage fo the royalties.  This means that something from my heart and soul will be shared with more and more people and the name “Freeravin” will spread wider and wider.  I will get to live off my creative soul and travel the world knowing that I am cultivating more unique designs to adorn other’s with.

If you have a moment please vote for my design “Blue Planet” which I created after a meditation on where I feel at home.  I always believed I was from another planet, like I somehow got dropped off here in the middle of the night and for the past 31 years I have been searching for others like myself.  Then one year as I was working at the Zen Center I met a woman named Twylla from Brazil.  Twylla and I became close friends in seconds and as we stared into each other’s eyes I knew that we were from the same planet.  She knew it too and as we bonded about our home town we began to realize that we could cultivate love here on this planet and still love our home planet, the Blue planet.

So as I meditated on my home planet, I discovered this design.  It comes right from my home town in my heart and I am grateful to have the chance to share it with you…I give you…BLUE PLANET



The Blue Planet Necklace


If you have a moment I would be exceptionally grateful if you would take the time to vote for my design….  Here is the link in raw form…

You can also click here……And It will take you to the voting platform…

I am beyond grateful for your time, and I know that I can win this one…..In love and Light! xoxoxoxo

Scarlet Ravin


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