The Beauty Blossoming…Settling into Crestone, CO.

I bow in Gratitude, with an extreme amount of love and devotion to my new beautiful home, Crestone CO.  I am about to use words to describe my experience of moving here, settling in and loving every moment but at the same time I want you to know that the words I am about to use won’t even come close to the amazing amount of energy and love this town has.  It’s a bit too incredible for words…

Nestled against the Sangre De Cristo Mountain range and playfully close to the Sand Dunes National Park, I have parked my heart and my trailer in Crestone.  My home is now shaped like a 3 story hexagon reaching up to the clear skies that are always filled with soaring hawks and birds bluer then the caribbean ocean.  I am in love.  The desert sand mingles with the appeal of a rustic mountain forrest creating a symbiosis of dessert and mountain energy.  It is said that back in the day, the Native Americans would live near Crestone, but not in Crestone for the energy of the land was much too intense for constant living but better suited to prayer and ceremony.  So they would make trips into Crestone for ceremonies and dancing but then would retreat back away to land that was less intense in many ways.

I feel it.  I feel it when I sleep, in my dreams and I feel the blossom of my true souls path coming alive in more ways then one.  I am here to attend the Crestone Healing Arts Center Massage Therapy Program, to tune more deeply in what it’s like to heal myself and understand the body, spiritually and physically.  This is more of an intentional transformative program rather then one just for a certification, which is perfect for what my heart desires.  If it includes self evolution and inner awakening sign me up!

If you sit quietly enough on my front porch you may have the ability to hear the vibrating of the earth and the gentle rocking of energy that is beginning to open my heart.  Ideas and inspirations that seem like a far away thought are beginning to rise up inside of me and quickly manifest into existence.

I am a writer, I love authentically sharing my internal growth, struggle and desires.  The process of writing and sharing helps me heal and understand myself in many ways and I always pray that my words enter into the hearts of other’s and create a greater understanding and fertilize love that is embedded in all of us.  It’s not just a process but a way for me to receive and send out love and those two acts are like fuel to my existence, so thank you for listening!  I am beginning to reach out to spiritual publications offering pitches of my writing ideas so that I may reach out to more hearts and souls, bringing my vision of love into this world!  This beautiful step in my life has blossomed since moving to Crestone…

The other clarifying love of mine is my gift that I was born with, one that has been inside of me since my first breathe…Horses.  They are a part of my very cells and when i was growing up I rode horses, loved horses and communicated with horses not using words.  I had the ability to shift and express my energy in a way that they could understand me and also, I could understand them  I trained my first never been ridden horse when I was 13 and in that process I really had the chance to tune into how I could train, communicate and heal myself and the horse through energy, love and patience.  Horses are not from this dense world in my opinion, they come from a land that is only filled with unconditional love and endless amounts of open devotion, and when one takes the time to silence their inner mind and open their abundant hearts in the presence of a horse then you are in for a expedited moment of self evolution.  It gives you the platform and moment in time where you can tune into what you need for your own self growth while giving you the still patience to really follow your heart and learn how to walk through your life with a sense of unconditional love for all other living things around you.  This is a priceless gift, and one I am training to implement in my own healing practice to administer to others.

This floating ideas have always been present in my sub-conscince as they have been gifts I was given at birth, but until my move to Crestone they were under the sand in some sense, but now they are available and clearly lighted for me to follow with a sense of pleasure and bliss and you know what happens when your internal dreams are followed with a sense of pleasure and bliss right?  The perfect manifestation happens!

I bow once again in gratitude for your audience and I am grateful for the sacred land of Crestone to have awoken these tumbling desires inside of me and allowed me to really start climbing the mountain of my infinite potential!  I am a healer, a lover, a creator and I am also full of visions!  I have the ability to love and create what my heart yearns for and for the first time in my life I am going for it all with nothing holding me back.  It’s me, my open heart and my sense of self that will guide me along the universal rainbow into a manifestation of more then I could have ever dreamed of!

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