Forget What You Know, Enter the Unknown!

“Listen; there’s a hell of a good universe next door: let’s go.” 
― Rumi


The first step I have found to fulfill my eternal dreams of long lasting joy, love, inner freedom and eternal existence of dancing is that I have to forget what I know.  I have to burn all of the old universal thoughts that I carry around as truths in my back pocket and enter into my own reality.


Thankfully for me, entering into my own reality is a bit of an easy task compared to others I know, as I have spent my life living in my dreams and floating around on the backs of the most beautiful horses in the universe.  Whenever I got on the school bus as a kid heading to school, I would look out the window of the bus and see myself riding a huge grey stallion with a long flowing black mane and tail, and we would run alongside the bus and jump all  of the signs, mail boxes and other people we came across.  I could jump higher then 8 feet on that horse, and probably higher like over houses and such…


I remember knowing that my imagination was a key to my inner freedom, this was just a child like sense I had, and as I grew up I had pockets of my life where this trait was hidden from my grasp, but most of the time it was with in reach.  In my mind I am completely fulfilled in every way, dancing among the clouds and talking to animals with my mind, planting flowers and vegetables singing with worms in the dirt…This is my mental reality that I play in more and more as I grow in years.


The funny bit of this moment of self discovery which I working my way up to is that the more I spend around some people that don’t live their lives like this, the more heavy my heart feels and the more far away my imagination is.  It’s almost like the mass of the population in this world doesn’t know that through this key hole of imagination, we as human beings have the right and the ability to create our own realities.  We have the ability to enter into a state of mind, that then sends out vibrational frequencies into the world, then the world reads these frequencies and returns back to us what we are projecting.


If you choose to live a life that you see pain, anger or despair all around then that’s what you’ll experience in your life.  This is why I intentionally have no T.V. and I don’t read the papers, I know how subtle and sensitive my perceptions are and I may be influenced by all of that negative energy loosing site of the key to my happy fulfilling existence.


And just so you all know, the world is amazing.  It’s a beautiful place filled with people who want you to be happy and feel massive amounts of unconditional love.  It’s filled with blessings and beautiful horses that will carry you to the earths end, it’s full of tree’s that are ready to hear your deepest secrets and return to you the wishes you share with them.  This world is an open box of surprising possibilities ready to enhance and expand your life into the most fulfilling joyful existence available.

Well then, why don’t we all feel like this?  Take a moment to see how YOU see the world, do you listen to the mass consciences that we have to work really hard to even earn a dime?  That we have to  settle into lives that aren’t allowing happiness to enter our hearts?  Are you happy?  Are you dancing through your day allowing your dreams to enter the universe or are you to afraid to even ask for what you want?


This is it folks, this moment in time is all we have and the sooner we all realize that we are creatures created from the divine, and that we too are divine beings inside and out that are the sole creators of our own reality, the sooner we get to walk through a life filled with dreams being fulfilled and prayers being answered.  If you truly believe something strong enough and you channel your hearts energy into your belief, that vision is completely unstoppable.  It’s an undeniable truth that has western science backing it up.


I suggest you tune out of all the weight barring media for just a week and try to live in a world of your own imagination, be childlike again and try to remember that your thoughts, your feelings and your beliefs are creating your external existence.  In the next seven days can you maintain an inner playground?  Can you see the world with beginner’s eyes and play amongst other beautiful beings around you?  Can you create dreams in your mind before you fall asleep and see your whole world unfolding into one of a state of grace and unconditional love?


Many of us out here may have an easier time sending love and devotion into the lives of others, rather then focusing those intense loving feelings towards ourselves and if this is your reality, then start there.  Spend 10 minutes every day sending love, prayers and showers of blessings for those you hold dear in your hearts and love unconditionally.  See all of their greatest dreams and wishes coming true and see their hearts beaming with a child like perception.  It may take some time for this love to feel natural to input right back into your self, but through this practice it will make a full circle and start enhancing your life as well.


All of the old ideas we carry in our minds and emotional bodies are like chains to an existence that was one person’s idea long, long ago and it has some how stuck.  I say unlock yourself from all of these past misconceptions, all of these heavy life thoughts that we have to break our backs to make ends meet, that life is too expensive, that I can’t go travel because of money…HOGWASH!!!  Those are old ideas that YOU have accepted into your mind and created as your reality, it’s not YOUR abundant truth unless you want it to be.  Create what you want your life to look like, step out of the old heavy rusty chains of past ideas and thoughts and waltz through your like galloping away on a big black stallion of a horse jumping to the moon and back, because that’s what I am going to do.  I would love to see you there!


Create Your Own Reality!
Create Your Own Reality!


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