Oh My…How The Veils Be A’ Thinin…

The existence of time and space seems to be a bit of a tricky bugger to understand with my mind, but the truth of what is happening right now is known in all of our hearts.  Lately I have been feelings things move at such a fast pace that if I were to try to comprehend with my mind I would experience some kind of mental crash…But when observed with the heart it is all so smoothly understood.  Time only exists in our minds…The truth is for me that everything is rapidly transforming and the more and more I ground and sink into my center, the more I absorb and evolve into.

The school I am in right now has a surface appearance of a massage school, but once you get past the paperwork, it’s actually a soul transformation program done in four months of condensed time intentionally designed to bring up ego related threads in order to cut them.   We are all divine beings, yet we all also have amnesia.  I am learning that to heal is to bring the soul back into a state of remembrance, to come back to the knowing that we are all divine, and we are all joined by unity consciences.  This teaching has been a profound one for me, as I have set my intention to really heal myself and really know what my presence is to beam in this life, for the first time I have found it…And of course it is more simple then I could have ever imagined, it always is.

Many years ago if were to have heard these teachings I would have said to myself, “I am too thick with inner problems, troubles, turmoil and there is no way that these simple simple words can mean such a profound truth and bring about peace inside of me.”  Well now I say, I understand, I feel the path I have chosen and it is a lighted path on the way to remembering the divine soul that I am.  I remember why I came to this planet and why I have been so dedicated to purifying my soul.  I know that on this path I will find truth, true happiness, true love for myself and all other beings and a true state of gratitude and forgiveness.  Forgiveness being a state that I can always be in, I can always have the knowing in my heart that I am to FOR GIVE another being because I know in my heart that they are divine as I am divine.  That their soul is on a path of purifying and cleansing into a state of remembrance also.  Some should may still have a lot of gooey thick trauma still laying all around making the remembering hard, but not impossible.

I have been on that side of the trail, the one that seems confusing and helpless and endless.   The one that hurts at every turn and sticks rocks in your shoes with every step.  I know what that’s like, and I know how much it hurts and how hard it is to walk through all of those stones and stickers, but there is also a great benefit to this.  If you do have a bunch of thick trauma and you do have the courage to walk through it and heal, then the reward is so great it may overwhelm you with bliss and endless amounts of joy.  It may shower you with treasure of insight and cabana’s full of genuine friends that love you unconditionally.  It may take you places in this world for you to gather even more healing and insight and raise your vibrations higher then you mind can grasp…

After all of these bits conclude and you find yourself cleansed and renewed resting into a state of starting to remember who you are, then you have the blessing of sitting with yourself and breathing.  You can watch you tummy raise and fall as you experience the true blessing of what it really is to have been given a body to walk this path in and cleanse yourself, you have the chance to look down at your feet and wiggle your toes while your insides feel true authentic amazement at the beauty that is you.

The time in space that we are in right now is allowing the veils of smoggy misconception about our truths to raise so that we may be able to find ourselves, see ourselves for the divine beings that we truly are.  I bow in deep gratitude for these times, as I know what it looks like when the veils are not so thin.  I know how it feels to be drowning in forgetfulness of my truth.  We have a choice now to all stop drowning, we can walk out of the thick and see through the thin veils we have been gifted, and If you choose to have the courage to do this for yourself, know that you are blessing all those around you as well by making that choice, so thank you.


"Stars Burn Clear, All Night Till Dawn.  Do that yourself, and a spring will rise in the dark with water your deepest thirst is for."  -Rumi
“Stars Burn Clear, All Night Till Dawn. Do that yourself, and a spring will rise in the dark with water your deepest thirst is for.” -Rumi

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