The Seer of the Hidden

Ever since I have started my training here in Crestone at the Crestone Healing Arts Center I have felt many shifts occur with in me.  I have felt cells morph and grow into new parts of myself almost like I am expanding from the inside out.  Dan and Sue our amazing teachers have been guiding us to deepen our spiritual practices through Chi Gong and Kundalini Yoga, and today we practiced Chi Gong.  After an hour inside of moving Chi, we were instructed to go out side walking with the Empress blessing the earth and bowing in gratitude to father sun.  We walk this way until we get to our tree, then we practice Tree Chi Gong.

I had found my tree a couple of days ago and I am in love with her.  She stands big and tall and rests her top branches in the sunlight while the trunk expands at least 3 feet around.  She roots into the top of a tiny mound in the middle of the forrest across from school.  As I was walking to meet my teacher, my tree I had an internal flash that I was going to see a huge stag by my tree, with large antlers.  I stopped for a moment and took a deep breathe in, then began to walk again feeling the internal sensation that something fun was about to happen.  I turned into the forrest following my normal path to her, and just as I was about to walk up to her trunk I looked right and saw a Lynx resting under the tree nest to my teacher tree.

This Lynx was beautiful, with black hairs stemming from the tops of her ears and a subtle range of spots across her fur.  She was lying down and I could see her little nub of a tail curled up against the side of her body.  We were about 10 feet away from one another, and we locked eyes as I began to breathe into my center and send her love from my heart.  I felt myself grow in gratitude and loving energy as we connected eye to eye, she stared at me with a clam loving gaze right back and I felt transfixed.  I have never seen such a beautiful wild cat in person like this.  I knew my assignment was to do tree Chi Gong, but something inside of me knew the tree would be patient.  As we gazed at one another for about 5 minutes, I bowed and walked up the mound to my teacher tree and began cultivating “Standing Like A Tree” while I opened the channels of my hands to receive energy from the tree, channeling it right into my center to accumulate for safe keeping.

My vibrations were so high from my Lynx encounter that the energy from the tree might have well been blowing me across the mountains.  The entire experience was so serene and unbelievable at the same time that I was floating on a bliss cloud.  After my Tree Chi Gong I opened my eyes and looked back to find the Lynx, but she had gone silently away into the vast thick forrest.

The symbolism of a Lynx is known as the “Seer of the Hidden,” gifted with the abilities to see through solid objects and into other dimensions…and has the sight to see into the soul of someone, to see the thoughts and intentions with out a word being spoken.  The Lynx also brings the gifts of instincts and observation, and also brings the gifts of silence and balance between play and work.  The Lynx teaches one to cultivate the magic of second sight and vibrational perception.  Lynx totem has mastered these abilities and is appearing to teach you these gifts, to expand your abilities…  surrender and allow yourself to be ready for expansion and evolution in these areas.

Additional symbolic meaning of the Lynx…. Lynx is mysterious and sultry, she knows the power of silence, the power of words and uses words like a magic potion.   She can craft her words into powerful spiritual healing chants and ceremonies… she is a spiritual healer. Thus, Lynx totem brings great spiritual influences into your life, you can call upon Lynx symbol to walk with you as a healer, to show you the healing ways “felt”… connecting to and seeing the realm of infinite energies.

As I tune into these meanings of seeing a Lynx and I apply them into my heart I know how my evolution is rolling through my own cycles, and I can feel the transition happening.  I bow in gratitude for the Lynx teachings and i plan on calling on my Lynx Totem for guidance when my heart calls for it.  Thank you nature, teacher tree and guiding Lynx, today meant the world to me.

Today is also the birthday of my father, which makes all of these beautiful happenings more special, happy birthday Dad!

Lynx Totem
Lynx Totem


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  1. Thank you honey.

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  2. beautifull !..and Happy Bday Mr Ravin, i am an airy Libra, my bday today too 😉 i was supposed to go to for a nap, instead i started wondering through the website, ended up here, this is the first note i read and voila..what an inspiring story Scarlet..i m happy for you 🙂 my tree is a huge female avocado one, she just started giving away her fruits this week..yum

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