Working inside the Infinite

I have been studying Kundalini Yoga from Yogi Bhajan and I am loving it, my soul is loving it and the heart space inside of me is filling with a sense of oneness.  It’s the best feeling to feel a shift for me from separation mentality into unity consciences.

One of our assignments at Crestone Healing Arts Center is to read a Sadhana book with teachings from Yogi B in it.  I am loving the stories and all of his helpful suggestions on coming back into ourselves.  There is one story that struck a cord inside of me and I wish to share that with you all now, as it has affected the way I am running my business.

It starts off with a man working in a small village selling rice to the villagers, this man is given a certain amount of rice per month and he is told that he is to give only each villager enough rice to fill their bowls, but nothing more because there is not enough and then the rice storage will become empty.  Well the man working in the rice shop is no ordinary man, he is a man that believes in the infinite and he knows that the universe will provide.  He KNOWS it.  Every cell in his body knows that there is enough of everything for everyone out there, and it doesn’t matter how much rice he gives one villager or the next, the rice storage will always be full because that’s what he believes.

So every day more and more people come to get rice and he gives and gives rice away, with our measuring, only with the knowing in his heart that the universe will provide and the storage in the back will never be empty.  The man who owns the operation hears how much rice he is giving away and comes right away down to talk to the man and see if the storage is empty and to his great surprise, the storage of rice has not only remained full, the supplies have doubled.  His eyes grow wide with wonder as he watches this old man just give and give and give with such a purity on his heart, and as he does this the storage in the back fills and fills and fills.

This storage really touches me, as It is a practice of mine I have been working on for sometime and after reading this story I have had a keen eye on my actions, words, thoughts and feelings about abundance and I am working on shifting myself from the inside out.

My practices have been with every interaction I have in school, giving my food to fellow students, sharing book supplies, giving away pens, and so on. Now I move onto my business, I own, design and operate Freeravin Designs and until the 11th of October I want to offer everyone interested in my creations 50% off of everything.

You may be thinking well now, that’s just a sale…But for a small business like mine selling all of my creations for 50% off is a big leap in actual profits.  I know the universe will provide and another part of my heart knows that once my designs touch your hands it will be sending my heart felt love right into your life, which is my overall intention anyway.  So as I bow to all of you and wish you a sincere fun path to manifest your destiny, I hope this feeling of abundance will seep right into your heart as well….One small step for me, but one major step for all of humanity of we all join together.

Use code Manifest at checkout and my website will take 50% off your order.  In love and Light, Scarlet


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  1. If I closed my eyes it could well be moms words, moms teachings on abundance. She has been a great teacher and leader for me and am so happy to see you on this path. I am feeling oceans of pride for you.

    Love Dad

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