The Divinity With-In Us All

The more wisdom I obtain, the more I feel like I am resting in the center of my destiny.  I can feel new cells awakening through my growing spiritual practice and it brings tears to my eyes to feel so close to the Divine and the meaning of why I am here.  I know that life seems complex to me some days and some days, it’s crystal clear.  But currently the constant string that connects my heart from day to day has been signals that I am right on for my destiny.  I feel strong pulls to having my next year be filled with travel, intentional travel.

Traveling to places in this world where I can heal myself, get to know myself better and in turn, becoming a better healer for those I wish to share my gifts with in the future.  As a healer I know first I have to heal and know myself, through this practice I can raise my vibrations to new heights and offer that vibration to my clients to sync with.  That is the essence of healing to me.  I do nothing other then work on myself, when I am with my clients I breathe, stay in my foundation between father sun and mother earth and the divine does the rest.  I see myself as a clear tube receiving all that my client does.

I see myself going to South American obtaining the knowledge of the ancient arts of Doma India Horse training, where I will learn to speak with horses through energetic movements, out ward appearances may show you that I am training these horses, but inward feelings are that the horses are teaching and healing me.

After Kundalini practice with Sue yesterday she shared her travels to India with us and the time she and Dan spent working with a doctor they know well and a school that teaches practices that help us return to remembrance.  As she was speaking something in my heart began to whisper to me, that’s where you have to go next year, this is on your path.  I silently bowed to myself and I make a vow to listen to all internal signals from this day forward.  I know the universe carries an abundance for me to rest in and I know that this next year will be presenting me with many mirrors to look deep into my own heart and discover what blocks and un-awaken cells I have yet to work on, which can feel sticky but it is a commitment I am making now.

Thank you for this holy body I get to live in, and I promise to raise all of my vibrations with every step I have, I promise to stay determined and focused, to bow and cultivate humility, to remember that I am divine and then to share my gifts in the sense of pure service to all other beings open to me.

I said, “I just want to know you then disappear.”

She said, “Knowing me does not mean dying.”


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