Honoring The Cycles of Nature

I have found myself often walking by pacts of tree’s and glowing blue skies, forgetting the abundance and beauty that nature holds with in it.  Nature is all around most of us always, and maybe this constant familiarity has drained the WOW factor out of our hearts when we pass by a large tree or a flowing stream.

I am beginning the path to choose to remember, honor, and bow to nature my teacher.  The cycle of Nature are right in line with the cycles in our body and these particular cycles have been used in Chinese Medicine to diagnose and cure for over 3,000 years.  So why do we all so passively turn our heads when the answers to healing is right in front of us?

I feel like for myself, to really sink into an authenticity of honoring nature and all of the teachings it does provide is to completely re-wire my brain, and take the time to spend with my natural teachers allowing my bodies, mind and soul to reawaken to the answers right at my finger tips.  I have been doing Chi Gong every morning now for about 4 weeks and after our morning practice we go out into nature and practice Tree Chi Gong, and starting today water Chi Gong.

The beautiful alignments of this program brought us to the first snow we have had this winter here in Crestone, a sparkling snow that covered the ground and continued to fall through out the morning.  What is snow?  Well it’s liquid crystals, shinning light, water, h2o.

As I trekked out into the forrest to pass my teacher tree and come upon the flowing stream that graces the land by the school I could feel the excitement well in my heart, knowing that water is something that is to be bowed to.  Water contains with in everything we need to heal our selves, and at this point this morning it was not only beneath me in the form of snow, but falling on my crown and running stream like at my toes.  I was being blessed by nature and I could feel it.

Did you know that you can put your intention in water and that intention with change the structural make up of the water into your intention?  This is a powerful healing technique and one ofter overlooked.

Back in the 60’s in Japan there was a group of scientist gathering at a meeting trying to come up with a new form of chemical warfare.  They all sat together, at a round table with only water in front of them.  As they discussed and shared their ideas, they drank and consumed only water for the duration of the meeting which lasted about 2 hours, as it was cut short because all of the man began to come down with symptoms of nassau, vomiting, diarrhea and chills.  They all went to the hospital immediately only to find that there was nothing wrong with them and the symptoms subsided after about 12 hours.

Well those men where putting the intention into the room to create a new form of warfare, little did they know that water picks up everything and then changes its structure to match it.   Along these lines, our human bodies are made up of over 75% water, so any thoughts we have, any beliefs, or feelings will then in turn change the biological make up of our systems, either leading us to growth and higher development or to sickness and dis-ease.

Water is our teacher and is here for us to respect and learn from.  Even the government knows this, they just choose not to share the healing benefits to the public.  The government creates small bottles of water and then sets intentions into the water in order to cure any dis-ease that may be-fall the body and the president carries this around with him everywhere.  If he gets a cold, he takes a sip of this water and it’s his cure.  All of this information is clearly documented, just not well circulated and certainly not taught often enough to the general population.

If you want to know more just watch the DVD, Water The great mystery.  I love all of this information, it’s along the line of epigenetic’s and my heart grows and grows to hope that in the future, more and more beautiful people can heal themselves contacting natural elements, and using their minds.

In love and Light,

Thank you Nature!

Tree's of Knowledge
Tree’s of Knowledge
Liquid Crystals
Liquid Crystals



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  1. You are blossoming……….uniquely,beautifully.

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  2. Love your blog sweet girl.

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