Gypsy Talisman

The newest addition to Freeravin Designs came to me in a dream.  I remember waking up and grabbing a pen and paper, drawing out the next necklace I would make, as in the dream the meaning was significant and the design impeccable.  I traveled to a blue planet one with minimal gravity and filled with beings light of heart, we moved about not speaking but gazing with love at one another.  A being came up to me and began to touch my necklace, I hadn’t known I was wearing one until that moment.

As I looked down to see what she was holding, it was a very fine gold chain with tiger eye beads woven into it.  The main pendant was made out of a the smallest deer skin pouch and in the pouch was a small quartz crystal point.  As she looked back up to me, I knew in my heart with out her saying a word that this would be the most popular design I was ever going to make.  It was so full of intentional blessings made under the Gypsy Blood Line Spell of highest healing, that it felt like my heart grew into all ten of my energetic bodies.  I could feel the gentle calming effect of the deer skin as I tuned into the Power Animal Deer Qualities.  The gentle, compassionate yet stealth qualities held by these magnificent animals.  The quartz with in the pouch not only symbolically represented my higher self always being with me, but it was a healing crystal that allowed me to touch my dreams with one single thought.

Quite the dream.  I knew as I woke that this necklace would bring the same vibrations into the lives of many while being completely eye captivating and energetically powerful.

I made it.  I worked on my sewing machine and said deer prayers, I channeled the loving gentle energy full of compassion allowing myself to go through any trial or tribulation in this life with the essence of deer.  As I wrapped in the Tiger’s eye I tuned into it’s qualities bringing the essence of the stone that brings luck to the wearer while having the power to focus the mind and is especially powerful for healing psychosomatic illnesses, dispelling fear and anxiety.

Now the quartz was like a cherry on top of the cake, as I blessed the crystal in a ring of white candles I felt the power of the long, loving gypsy blood line I have come from dance right into the center, shinning bright for the wearer.  Quartz crystals are used to expand the mind and touch the spirit world, this crystal can also heal when placed in water and then you drink the water.

While chanting blessing mantras for the highest healing and channeling my masters I blessed the design and created “Gypsy Talisman” right from the heart of my dreams.  I am grateful to share it with you all.  May this piece bring you an abundance of love, prosperity, good fortune and allow you to tap further into spirit.  It’s my most admired piece as It came from another plane, and I will be forever grateful for all of the earth elements that came together to create this blessing.


Gypsy Talisman



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