Hallow Bone

I planted a seed in my heart, and with intention it grows.  I water it with the wisdom from my elders and teachers, my love and devotion is the fertilizer.  I bow my head to the ground so that my heart may rise higher then my thoughts and guide me along my path of following spirit.  As the tiny seed I planted years back begins to grow roots cracks in the sky form and shine light onto my face blessing my feet as they grace the ground.  I am a traveling spiral of light between father sun and mother earth, I bless my parents as I travel.

I am surrounded my helpers, teachers and guides and I purify my thick patterns that no longer serve me I raise my vibrations allowing more and more information to trickle in.  I am blessed because I was given a body to walk this earth in, I am blessed because I feel the love grow with in me as I purify to become a hollow bone.  I set my intention to align with spirit and compassionately obey the trail guide to purifying myself in order to help others.  My practice is their practice, my back yard is their back yard.

There is no separation between you and I, there is no difference between my love for you and my love for myself.  What I do to you I do to myself, therefor I love you with a compassionate devotion set to heal the planet.  We are in a shift, I am grateful to be a part of it and I am wiling to perish in the light rather then flourish in the darkness.  I am willing to dance among the stars and bless those that smile upon love.  I am grateful for the eyes to see the truth and I send love to all the beings stuck in an amnesiac state, those who have forgotten they are divine.

Blessings to all on this planet and all in other galaxies, for we are one too.  May we all walk in peace knowing the truth of who we are remembering the love and light that endlessly pours from within,




Love All
Love All



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  1. Honey-I don’t even know what to say after reading this blog. I will try.

    I felt the meaning of the words. Something in your writing causes me to process through feeling rather than mentally processing. I could almost sense the messages from the first words. The communication seems to be bypassing my mind and creating a knowing of some sort.

    I needed to read this today, in fact I needed to read this when I awoke.

    Looking at your beautiful face and smile fills my heart, expands my heart and covers me in pure joy. You have always had physical gifts-pretty to all who saw you. I feel you are becoming even more beautiful because you are projecting a peaceful, hopeful and knowing heart? How magnificent.

    Love Papa

    Sent from my iPad


  2. truly beautiful Scarlet..thank you for your eloquence, grace, and presence xo martaclaire

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