We Pray…

Blessed morning which led to an epic day, following into a vibratory inner quality that one can not contain.  The transcendental reality we all have the ability to create is our lives, what we think is what we see and how we feel is what we attract in, like attracts like that’s science.

I have been influenced by one of the greatest teachers I have ever come across and I feel so blessed to have my cells vibrate up and resonate to the quality that I want to create my reality with.  Once truly understood the simplicity of it all is something to laugh at, and something to bow too.  Our minds tend to want to complicate things and make some moments into a catastrophe when the reality can be created into a blessing.  Yes, it is this simple.  What do you want?  How do you want to feel at any given moment is totally in your control, with the help of other’s beautiful assistance we can all return back to the abundant divine beings that we are.

Our intake of nutrition and supplements can be a huge help into our mental condition so if one is feeling blue, be sure to take it easy on yourself and widen the spectrum of thought around why the mind is blue.  Open to the possibility that plant medicine can lift your spirits, literally!

Once the physical system is in balance we are free to soar and dance upon the abundant world that we have been blessed to walk upon, so I pray.

I pray for the strength to dance when I feel like crumbling.

I pray for the laughter to fall easily from my heart.

I pray for the light of my soul to shine brighter then the sun.

I pray for the authenticity to walk through this life with every cell of pure me activated.

I pray for the abundance of healthy bountiful nutrition to grace my lips.

I pray for the health and love for every being on this planet.

I pray for the ending of all suffering.

I pray that my thoughts words and actions help to contribute to the ending of that suffering.

I pray that every step I take upon this earth blesses our great mother and send happiness to our great father sun.

I pray for my heart and your heart to open, and stay open.

Love, Scarlet
Love, Scarlet

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