Love At All Costs

You know that beautiful feeling that comes about when your heart is open and soft, then someone says something and it just melts you to tears?  Like the tears on your face have a life of their own and they pull their friends down with them.  Just words were heard by your hears but your heart seemed to resonate in such a way that the openings ring cords of truth with in your true essence and this feeling of having your soul touched just melts you, like nothing else in the world could be closer?


This is how I feel when the stars align and things begin to happen around me that are out of my hands, but completely in line with my destiny.  I begin to feel the magic spark alive and everywhere I look I see little parts of my life falling into place and landing in the most perfect spot, a spot so perfect it could have only been lined up by the universe itself as my thoughts have not even reached those heights yet.


It’s a beautiful feeling one that gets butchered by words as there are no words here on earth to describe the true sense of what this feels like for me, but still I try with the intention of reminding everyone that magic is not just something that is seen in movies or dreamed about from children.  Magic is something very real and is all around us all of the time, all we need is the eyes and open heart to see it.


The process of purification can lead us to this awakening of noticing the magic around us.  The purification of spiritual practice, loving nature and treating all those around you with loving kindness, as those around you are yourself and when you treat others with this kind of sensitive love, this is actually how you are treating yourself.


Once you are awake to the magic, then the magic takes you on a dance through the ways of the universe and paths just open for you, doors swing open, abundance lands in your lap, smiles hug and laughter is poured at your feet and you begin to notice the tree’s dancing in the wind, you notice the birds singing songs just for you and you notice love being poured into your crown filling you up with something more beautiful then angels.


This is all available to you now, I realized this in parts as I awoke this morning and began to tune into my surroundings drinking green tea and just noticing.  Opening up my senses with an intention and then just taking in the wonder of this world.  It is truly this easy and simple.  I say let the magic in, and remember Love at all costs.


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