Holding Hands As A World for the Philippines

Many have lost in the current Typhoon that ran through the Philippines.  I myself live in a tiny sealed bubble known as Crestone where groups of us light workers gather to learn, grow heal and study.  I found out about this happening through my teacher, a great healing master who is Philippine.  His heart is my heart, and through this knowing that we are all working towards feeling on a more regular basis it feels like a beautiful opportunity to reach out to my people and do what i can from my position here in Crestone.

There are a couple of creations from Freeravin that I will be donating to BE THE CHANGE, a charity I found out about through Nahko Posts, a Light warrior of a musician bringing people together with his music.  Be the change will match every dollar donated to them to help those in the Philippines.

We can take something that feels like pain and transmit it to love as we come together on this.  We are all one, not just in the sense of saying those words  but in us all cultivating the practice of knowing we are one through our actions.  Our brothers and sisters get hurt and loose their homes we come together and we support them whether they are in another country or standing in our back yard.  My backyard is your backyard.  I respect you and love you like you were myself, because you are.

Our actions speak louder then words and our hearts coming together can be the most beautiful thing to witness. Be a part of it.  I am donating “Dancing Kisses” in Gold (You can click right on the product name to be taken to the website for purchase.)  I am also donating “The Classics” In silver and “Medicine Bag” (In silver or gold your choice.)

Click on any of these product names and get taken right to the product.  All of the proceeds will go to

Be The Change and together we can help make something beautiful and fill this world with more love.

Help the Philippines
Help the Philippines



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