Life is Full of Symbols…

This world we live in is full of symbols big and small, obvious and hidden.  There is so much around us and the symbols are mainly so simple I feel as though the rational mind may want to dismiss them, but to learn how to see them and open our eyes to the gifts and trail markers laying right in front of our feet may help us walk through this world with a closer step to our true purpose and path.

Illumination of meaning has been key for me, I take time to listen and sit in silence then make clear connections tying my heart to my mind so that when the symbols arise my heart string is pulled.  Then my emotions begin to rumble and I know for sure it’s time to activate my mind and look with my heart to find the symbol.  Lately I have been studying with a healing herbal shaman goddess named Lillian.  She has shown me how to meditate while being with the plant spirits and stay quiet internally as to respect their delicate yet strong nature and receive their messages.

Through this practice I was greeted by my plant spirit guide, The Willow Tree during a healing session I was giving a client.  She came in with a force and whispered her name in my ear.  This to me was a great symbol, one leading into myself that I can now investigate further as to why The Willow Tree has come to me and what I can learn from knowing this about myself.  The Willow and I have come quite close since our first introduction and when I look back into my life I see how she has been with me this whole time, I just never awoke to the symbols.

I used to live in a house with a huge yard in my early teens and in the front yard was a huge Weeping Willow by the pond.  I would go and sit under this Willow any time I was down or confused about the world and instantly as if magic was sprinkled on my crown I would be revived.  When I lived at the Zen Center in New York I used to make dream catchers our of Willow branches knowing that the ability of protection and happiness that poured from the tree would be transferred into peoples dreams.  The list goes on.

This lesson just reminded me to bring in my awareness more keenly and really tune in, as everything is available for us in this very moment, insights into our being and guides leading us to happier more beautiful paths, we just have to open our eyes and see with our hearts…


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