Black Deer Skin, White Magic

Brand new to Freeravin Designs and filled with magical crystals I am filled with an abundance of joy to share this magical new piece with you.  It has been created under the traditional Gypsy Ritual of my blood line the Rom lineage.  Each piece is blessed in circle of white crystals and this specific piece has been filled with the intention to lead you closer to your true destiny in this life.

Black Deer skin made into a tiny, tiny medicine bag, no larger then penny, then filled with 3 blessed quartz crystals and hung on a sterling silver chain with interwoven Turquoise Medicine.  Turquoise itself represents the blue of father sky coming to the earth and melding together the energies of the heavens with the consciences of mother earth.  This stone strengthens and aligns all chakras, meridians and subtle bodies linking you closer to earth, therefor allowing you to live closer and more in line with nature.

The quartz crystals rested inside the black medicine bag represents the healing that can come through you from within.  Quartz with help you clear andy stagnant or dense energy from all of your bodies while linking you even closer to spirit.

The Deer energie from the Medicine Bag brings you a subtle awareness of your grace and quickness through the difficult times one may encounter in this life.  Reminding you that you can heal and understand any situation with grace, wisdom and a quickness to learn and take things in.

So…With all of this I bow in Gratitude to show you my new piece that has filled my heart and eyes with joy!

Medicine Bag in Black
Medicine Bag in Black
Medicine Bag by Freeravin
Medicine Bag by Freeravin

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