Light Warriors Raising the Vibrations

Living in Crestone for so long now (long for me) has really allowed me to open and fall into the soft cocoon as I make my way through this purification program.  I made the decision to drive down to Denver to See Nahko play a show with Trevor Hall at the Blue Bird which was a big move for me.

I am in love with their music, and on another level I made necklaces for Nahko, Hope, Chase and Alicia their manager as well as Trevor and I knew it would be an honor to adorn them with the Medicine Bags I made for their show, considering I listened to Nahko the whole time I made all of their pieces.

His music has been an inspiration to my soul and has united the idea in my mind that the light warriors are rising, that we can “come out of the closet” so to speak and be ourselves, raising the vibes through purification and spreading love to all others around us.  It may be a time to shine light in such a way to smudge out the darkness that still lingers heavy around but also with the knowing that there cannot be light with out the dark, and the lyrics to his music has brought so much insight and a beautiful lightness to my being when I think about my mission here in this life stream.

My intention when coming to Crestone was to purify, to cleanse and to learn how to heal myself and others, as it’s time for the light to rise up.  The warrior tribe of healers that I run with is full of such a bright light and the music by Nahko has been such a driving force to keep us on track.

At the show that night I had the blessed time with Nahko back stage, adorning him with my offering and hugging a man that is so humble, grounded and filled with an abundance of love that not only pours out from his lyrics but also through the sheer cells of his being.  He looked me in the eye and stayed completely present with me the entire time we spent together.  We connected over horse medicine and I left his large hearted presence by giving him sage from Black foot mountain as I work on a sun dancer from there and he brought me sage gifts that bring the spirits.

I felt honored to adorn such a man, with my Medicine Bag piece and I felt honored to have my brother there with me by my side.  As the show ended I gave Trevor Hall his piece and felt the same presence and warmness pour from his heart with a blanket of authentic gratitude for the gift I gave him.

Both of these men are such an inspiration to the world and the tribe that runs with him are just as beautiful, shout out to Little Buffalo, thank you for the crystals.  So now it the time to rise up light warrior tribe and if you happen to need a soundtrack to remind you that there are many others out there fighting the same beautiful fight listen to Nahko and Trevor Hall, you’ll feel their higher selves speak to you through the tunes and you’ll feel your heart expand into infinity,  Thank you so much for the time and excepting my gifts!



Scarlet and Nahko

Scarlet and Nahko
Scarlet and Nahko



The Medicine Bag by Freeravin
The Medicine Bag by Freeravin
Medicine bag for Trevor
Medicine bag for Trevor


Scarlet and Trevor



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  1. Great, great, great blog. I love you. Dad Sent from my iPhone


  2. December 10, 2013 — 7:00 pm

    Oh I love Nahko! I adore your medicine bag piece and thanks for sharing it with the world.

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