3 months of purification…

I arrived in Crestone weary from travels and grateful to be amongst sacred mountains.  Entering into the Crestone Healing Arts program was a beautiful step along my path of evolution as the course is a 3 month purification process where we shed old skins and renew our inner heart string to the divine.  I have been so stretched thin that my ego or mind had no chance of getting in the way for this process to fully take root in my new blossoming life.  Freeravin Designs has been enriched with these trainings ads well as my steps to being a Certified Massage Therapist.  I have been resting in a petal of gratitude as I begin to integrate and soak up all of my teachings that were transmitted to me.

I have changed, my heart has changed and I feel the cleansed corners of my soul grow brighter with every minute.  Never could I have imagined such a plentiful and enriching program and I am grateful to have been a part of it with all of my soul brothers and sisters.  Now I am happy to launch www.whitefoxholistic.com my abundant new website where all of my offerings will be presented to the public.  I am here to serve the light to others and continue my practice to enrich the light with in myself.  I set my intentions to clean up my own back yard so to speak, and allow my practice to emanate through my hands and heal those that are open.

It has been a beautiful abundant journey, and even though the program is over something deep inside of me tells me that the true essence of my journey has just begun.  I am beginning to meet more and more of my soul tribe and I can feel the light warriors growing ever stringer on this plane.  May we walk holding hands and support one another as we falter.  May we bless one another in a kindness that can only be truly known by the stars and may we hold one another up so that we may all be blessed to remember that we are divine beings, perfect in eery breathe.

Dan, Sue and I


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  1. A beautiful blog. Your words wrang of truth.

    Mom and I got such a kick out of the video of the girl jumping like a horse.

    Love Papa

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