Sacred Dunes Shoot for Freeravin…

We headed south from Crestone like a bunch of children that fed on friendship and were served our last supper.  Being together as a tribe that just completed a 3 month purification together southed our souls as the mouth of the world began to open, and we had left the temple doors.  We were blessed by Ravens, Bald Eagles, Coyote and Hawks as we drove down dirt roads in search of the Sacred Sand Dunes, were we would set up a home and bless the earth as one.

The drive left glitter in our hair as the sky showered our path with ice crystals and we soaked up the rays of the sacred sun as we trekked along the snowy path to the shoot site.  We could feel the heart beat of the earth from our feet and as we sprinkled our blessed tobacco onto the earth as an offering we knew the day would be sacred.

Intention was to shoot new designs for Freeravin, but there was a larger intention present, one that did not need to be said.  We were together for one last dance and our presence being documented capturing our shinning faces after CHAC.  We smiled and basked in the joy that poured so softly through our hearts, we sang under the crispy sun and laughed at our frozen fingers, for we are grateful we have fingers to be frozen.

The Designs soaked up the sacred dunes energy and we all felt high as we laid upon the earth listening to the subtle beats of life happen all around us.  We are walking miracles us humans, we are spirals of light, the joining of the sacred father sun and the bountiful mother earth.  We are the bridge between these two beings and this bridge is more then sacred, this bridge is an endless amount of blessings, an infinity of songs that we can ride into the wind and create our own reality.

The shoot is over but still with in me and I share these pictures to you to share my heart, to allow you into our lives as it has been a sacred dance, and it will continue to be.  The jewelry is sacred, as it is an extension of my heart and my friends are souls that carry me through this life, and I carry them.  We are walking miracles of light, as are you.

Thank you Holly and Alan, as this day was one I shall never forget…


Flight Medicine

Tibetan Fancy, With Holly Moss



Behind the Scenes


Alan and Scarlet


Medicine Bag Necklace

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