Darkest Night….

My feet soak up the crystalline energy of the snow crystals as my heart gazes at the stars above.  The only sounds gracing the air come from the rustling of birds in the tree’s and ice crystals dropping from roofs.  The darkest day of the year has come to pass leaving us human beings with a present, a big loving present filled with teachings and knowledge that we may take in if that’s what we choose.

There have been a few great great teachers in my life, and as a warrior of evolution and healing I know that I will always need a teacher present to help me see my blind spots, to help me gaze into the darkest parts of my being to form allies with those things that I shy from.  The few teachers I have physically left are still so deep in my heart that i hear their teachings ringing through my ears and I see their presence with my own eyes in situations right when I seem to need them.  “Drop a pebble,” Dan says into my heart, “You are perfect,” Yoshin nods into my being.

After visiting a beautiful man that is a Shaman in my eyes, however he would never call himself that taught me a great lesson, one in which I will cherish as it’s vital to my request to have a teacher in my presence always.  He said, “Nature is never confused, it’s us humans that create confusion.”  And in that moment I knew that nature would be my greatest teacher and allie in this lifetime.  Dan has been hinting to this my whole training, the way of the Tao is based on this knowledge but for some reason it took the voice of another to make this impression stick with in me.

Us human beings, we have nature as our teacher.  We have the gift to watch her in all of her perfection with the seasons, the way the animals roam and hibernate, the way the sun rises and sets.  All a warrior needs to know is set with in nature we all just have to learn how to listen and take in.  I watch myself so much doing my practice and forgetting to listen after words, I feel so abundantly busy at times that I do my practice then get up from my sheepskin and move on when then beauty and grace falls between those lines of practice and life, that thin moment where I know in my heart I am meant to just listen and be and watch the ripples of what I have just created fall into this reality and come into being.

I set my intention to listen to the silence more, to watch nature, my teacher and how her cycles ebb and flow, allow her perfection to sink into my own being and grace me with her very own crystalline knowledge of all that is.  May I become a beautiful listener, and may I be like nature with out confusion, only heart centered evolution into the remembrance of my very own divinity.


Into Nature we all must go...
Into Nature we all must go…
Fly Like a Bird, and your heart will know...
Fly Like a Bird, and your heart will know…


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