Intentional Spells, Intentional Healing

Freeravin Designs woke with a ball of inspiration today, as I slept deep last night being visited by healing deities and rained on with internal passion.  I love to create new stunning designs especially ones that will only grace the store of Freeravin once, as only one is available.  These designs fall into the category of the “Gypsy Dust Collection” made only once then once sold, gone forever.

A new piece entered this spoken collection this morning and through a night of sleeping passion I awoke to find myself sitting at my studio table piecing her together to create an intentional healing necklace.  Now each piece I have has an intentional, however the intention of this piece strikes a cord in my own heart so I feel called to share it with you and practice non-attachment.

“Intentional Spells” the necklace of the hour, created with 14k gold chain and woven into the chain is stunning medicine balls of turquoise.  The turquoise comes from our sacred earth and carries with it the power of protection, luck and healing.  This is perhaps the oldest known stone in all of man’s history and  has been used as a talisman for kings, shamans and warriors.  Need I say more?

The necklace dangles down 28″ and rests over your heart holding a claw design with a Druzy Quartz crystal inside.  The Drusy has been known to heal it’s wearer and bring a calming effect to ones mind allowing destiny to take place.  While helping clear for meditation and cleanse the aura so ones thoughts may be clear and precise, this necklace design carries with it one of the greatest intentional healing spells I have yet to create.  With this combination of mineral spirits the wearer may be uplifted, cleaned and guided into ones true and highest destiny possible at this time.

Not only is it intentional but it tiers with two layers of stunning stark white feathers that give this piece the freedom it deserves, it is ready for flight just like your heart.  So if it’s you that end up purchasing this piece, I wish for you to wear it with care, as it’s powerful and clear and will amplify any intention your heart carries, so make sure you wish for the highest good at all costs.

Intentional Spells
Intentional Spells

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