The Road Beckons…

Living in Crestone Colorado for the past four months felt like a long time to be in one spot, and indeed I could feel my roots deep in the earth.  I left that beautiful mountain town on the first and have been preparing to fly away once again but this time, another country calls sending whispers of secrets and hints of old traditions I wish to cultivate.

Argentina, horse country.  I have been traveling and one may say I look as though I am bouncing about from one place to the next, but internally the bouncing I participate consciously in is intentional.  I am a healer and this path does feel like a calling to me but in my heart, in order to be an amazing healer I must first know myself and heal myself, only then will I be an asset in the healing of others.

In Crestone I learned many healing arts, all are posted on my website at and now, I travel to cultivate the art of being with horses and communicating with horses on an unseen level.  In San Luis Argentina there lives a man who knows how horses thinks, knows how they feel and knows how to communicate with them.  This man can train a horse with out touching them and with pure energetic shifts of his own physical body the horse will understand and the bond is created between horse and man.  I am traveling to stay with this man to learn this art, so that I may know more about nature, horses and myself to develop the intuitive parts of my soul so that I may be more of an asset to others.

My spiritual beliefs have always rested in the knowing that there is a higher power, a god as some call it but I believe this higher power is in all of us, it’s in the tree’s, it’s in the sun, the moon, the birds, horses, cats, earth, stars.  It’s in the winds and the flowers, the rain and the thunder.  This is all divine, and so I leave with the intention of practicing the art of becoming the nature and animals around me so that I may have an internal knowing of the ability that we all have, to remember that we are divine.

I leave with a grateful bow of thanks to the abundance Freeravin Designs as it is blossoming more and more into the arms of others daily, and I leave you with the new line of elegant and lovely pieces I have created inspired by one of my accounts in Nosara, Costa Rica.  Each piece is different and has a light elegant feel, one that is paired with long elegant dresses and sexy rolling hair.

I also look forward to serving you with White Fox Holistic, as I travel and cultivate more and more of my abilities I hope to hold space for other’s to heal and know themselves.

Enchanted Honeymoon
Enchanted Honeymoon
Whirling Goddess
Whirling Goddess
Elegant Lovely
Elegant Lovely




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