Horse Medicine from Argentina

It’s been only a couple of days since I have been back in America since my trip to San Luis Argentina, and yet it feels like months.  I spent a couple of weeks living and learning from the Scarpati family, Oscar, Flor and Cristo watching horses move and speak in the round pin and watching these horse masterminds work with them.  The training practice they work with is from the ancient Indians of their land, therefor the training is called “Doma India,” or Indian Horse Breaking.

I wished I would have been able to write about my experience sooner, but the trip for me has been resting in a place that is beyond words found here on this plane.  many thought I was crazy to leave the states and go stay with a man, Cristo that spoke little english and was about to teach a course on training horses in spanish, myself not speaking spanish.  I have to admit this situation may had been an issue to me mentally if I were to think like that, but I am person that follows the energy of the heart and when I feel called to do something, I follow.  Luckily I don’t have an issue with over thinking about logistics or analyzing future circumstances, as that is not how I function.

I arrived to meet the warmest smile being picked up at the San Luis Airport by Cristo’s sister Lucia, not speaking one word of english and me not one word of Spanish, yet.  We climbed into her dusty car with 5 children in the back, all young girls in swim suits.  They were beautiful and full of smiles trying to learn how to ask me my name in english.  I was in love.  We stopped at her friends house to pick up her friend, and two more children now having 7 children in the back and one adult, it was a Volkswagen rabbit and I was so happy at the carefree essence of it all I was swallowing my excitement tears!

We went right to Oscar Scarpati’s house to swim ini his pool which was perfect timing as the heat outside was smothering.  Oscar Scarpati is a man I look up to, like way up to.  He is a horse whisperer to me and filled with so much spiritual insight that you can see only infinite love when you look into his eyes.  This man was going to be the one to teach me how to do a head stand on the neck of a bareback horse later in the course, he is my super hero figure able to talk to and train any horse.  Here is a video of Oscar and Capricho, the most amazing horse in the world.  You Tube With Oscar…Click Here…

We swam and swam then I ended up at the house of Cristo and Flor, out in the country where I was greeted by the most amazing smile in the world, as Cristo is a magical creature just like his father.  These two along with Cristo’s wife Flor understand horses, they know how their minds work and they have applied that knowledge to get to know themselves and evolve, and the results are remarkable.

I stayed at the estancia, and met Tony from Spain, Fern from Ecuador and Alan from Brazil.  None of them speaking a word of english they invited me to go for a full moon horse back ride at midnight that night through the countryside, of course I said yes.  I saddled up my gaucho saddle and hoped onto a tall pinto, sweet face yet high energy as I could feel her ready to express her freshness.  We rode out under the moon light as it lit up the surrounding hay fields, the outline of local cows and the divots we were trying to safely cross by horse back on the road.  Every time we trotted or cantered my horse would put her head down and buck, her excitement matched mine as we road down the long and dusty road.

Alan was riding a mare that had a yearling following us so as the young filly got tied, we turned out pack around and began to head home.  I listened to them speak in spanish hoping to scoop up one word I knew, but let it all go as I felt the magic of the night set in and we returned back home at the estancia.

The course was filled with 10 people from all over Argentina and the teachings I gathered were beautiful and went into my heart so so deep.  I have been training horses for years and I taught myself all I know.  I wanted to work with horses about 8 years ago and the man that ran a horse stables told me he needed a trainer, someone that could break the young horses so we could sell them to families with children.  At the time I lied to him and told him “Of course I can do that, I have been on horse back since I was 5 years old.”  Part of the statement was true…

So I made it up, I took the young wild horses into the round pin and worked with them until I rode them, I messed up many times but I never used abuse and never got seriously injured.  I saddle broke and finished over 15 horses at that job.

Now being here in Argentina learning what the horse masters know to gently train a horse and what kind of moves are useful for trauma horses and what moves are useful for wild mustangs, I found that I had been on the right track all along.  I followed my instincts back them and as I watched Cristo and Oscar I learned many, many new techniques but the most beautiful part of the whole experience was the confirmation I received in my heart about my eternal knowing I was born with involving horses.  I have always known how horses think, I have always known just what  horse needs and what an abused horse wants from a scary person to gain trust again.  The confirmation that all of this knowledge is inside of me began to grow into my heart, as I reached out to Cristo and Oscar asking them to teach me how to do a headstand on a horse.

I have seen the things that Oscar did with his famous horse Capricho, and that is what I want for myself in this life.  To get a baby horse, raise her and train her and dance with her.  Do all the tricks in the book on her and then invent a few myself and be one of the most successful horse whisperers in the world.  Giving people the tools to allow themselves to communicate with horses.  So I asked, through an interpreter of course, “Oscar will you teach me how to do a head stand on a horse?”

He showed me through Felix, a young cute Argentine man that was my interpreter for the course and I did it, I jumped onto the back of a Argentine Pony and stood on my head balancing on the horses neck as Oscar held the loop of my jeans to keep me up, after three tries getting up every time I felt so overwhelmed with love, joy and ecstatic excitment that it was like an internal calling with in me had been awakened and a new path was set forth.  I was alive and trembling with excitement.  I loved doing tricks on horses and I wanted to spend a good chunk of my time in the future practicing these tricks and showing them to the public.  I want to Choreograph and video of me dancing with a horse and show others the beauty that can be joined between humans and nature.

I bow in gratitude at the beautiful beings I met on this trip, especially Alan and Felix.  These two men carried with them the sensitivities I have with in me, for horses and for people and it felt nice to know that my internal way of functioning is not alone, nor is strange.  There are more and more of ‘us’ out there and as the times shift I suspect I will be meeting more sensitive horse loving people.

To the Scarpati family that I love with all my heart for taking me into their home, helping me fulfill a life’s dream and filling me with such joy, happiness and love I give thanks.  You are truly a one of a kind family and I look forward to the day that I get to live with you for months, studying the art of Doma India and dancing with your Hijo in the late hours of the night, Te Amo!


Alan and Oscar
Alan and Oscar
Doma India with Hijo
Doma India with Hijo
Head Stand Training with Oscar
Head Stand Training with Oscar
The Crew…Doma India
The Crew…Doma India
My Loves….
My Loves….








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