It’s because I Love you…

I love you.  Nothing more needs to be said.  All you have to do is look into my heart and know it’s pure, white loving light with a remarkable sense of lightness.  When I dance across the room I fall into your arms and gaze into your eyes and you know right then, It’s because I love you.  You don’t need to be my partner, husband, or blood relative for me to love you, you just have to be you.  Be the perfect mirror of the infinite and all there is, then open your very own heart and know, it’s why I love you.

If your open, the universe is open.  When I am in love, the universe is in love and the two collide to make this ripple in the clouds that carry our love across the infinite bounds some call reality.  When we all know deep inside, there is no such place.  When I create, know it’s because I love you.  When I dance, know it’s because I love you.  When I travel to the ends of this earth searching for the perfect mirror to reflect true love back into my own heart, know it’s because I love you.

Everyday is thanksgiving day, and everyday I bow in gratitude I awoke…There is nothing more to be said other then I love you.


Happy Valentines Day, and Happy Everyday…Love Freeravin Designs

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