What’s the solid intention here?

Years ago wearing 3d glasses I watched the movie Avatar in theatres…I remember loving it but as the years had passed I have changed mucho…So last night I opted to watch it again.  I was wide eyed as I felt all the cells in my body awaken and my heart strings pulled towards the beautiful scenes of nature and the way the people lived inside of tree’s honoring the heart beats we can hear radiate from inside of the earth.

There is one epic scene where Sigourney Weaver makes the connection to the importance of the tree’s, she realized that every tree is connected by an intricate tunnel of roots and that the local people know this, so therefor can tap into the root structure and gather all of the knowledge from their ancestors and nature around them.  This is why they bow to the tree’s and regard them as their deity, they are all that is and has ever been.

I always turn off the movie before the war starts between the white people and the Native’s, my heart is too open and tender to watch this and come out on top, so I just soak up the beauty of all that can exist here.

My point with this blog is to tune into my solid intention, why am I here?  What do I want to accomplish and more importantly, how do I want to live my life?  Striving for money in this life goes against all that I feel is truly important in this life, yet in this world money seems to be necessary to live.  There would be a grand adjustment period if I were to go out into the woods with a tribe and live from the land, worshipping the nature and earth around us, but eventually would I even out becoming solid in myself and growing into the intention I truly starve for now?

I am moving to Telluride to study with a man that knows Native ways, he has cultivated himself through the teachings of Native people and I wish to share in his knowledge and feel what they felt through truly seeing and feeling their wisdom.

I have noticed on this slow move to a new place how many shiny distractions there are along the way, how our society is built on bright signs and marketing meant to pull us away from the glory that is always resting right under our feet, the earth.

I am sensitive, more then most I am told and the only time I ever feel totally solid is when I am surrounded by tree’s and animals, moving with them in a natural quiet way.  I intend to create that life for myself here and now, and try to stay with my solid intention of being one with nature around me and honoring what I believe is all that is, nature and animals.  I will try to not get distracted by bright signs and shiny things, I am sure that if I stay quiet and listen to my heart beat, I will be shown the way.


Also…There is this…I pray that my next boyfriend is this cool…



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