The Evolving World of Horse Medicine…

We humans have been evolving for years, searching for teachers that may guide us deeper into our own inner light, searching, moving, searching.

The more we learn and grow in our wisdom, the more we can make informed choices about what we eat, who we spend our time with, what we do with and to our bodies…This information has always been fascinating to me and allowed me to feel more fulfilled and bountiful with in my own soul.  As we all gather and grow into a more evolved state, I have found myself forgetting about the animal medicine I know 99% of us have around us.  Our dogs, cats, horses…The beautiful medicine that flows through being with animals is a necessity to me.

I found that when I am with Horses I feel light, almost like there is an unconditional energy made up of love particles floating through me and lifting me to higher planes of understanding of why I am here.  I have found that horse medicine is my greatest medicine and horses are my greatest teachers on not just how to be the best me I can be, but also how I can find paths to be happy with other people.  The way I train horses and approach them to start the bond between us, the signs I read and the feeling I intuit then my actions from these signals, this can be applied to humans.  The same signals and signs can then be applied to humans, and I begin to look at all humans as horses, just the product of their upbringing with reactions with in them sue to how they were treated.

I came back to the home land of Crestone tonight to celebrate my birthday with horses, watching the sun set and petting the large furry creatures.  The two men watching the house I am staying in have started a company for animals, cats, dogs and horses.  It’s an all natural herbal remedies for horses, and I though about how often times I find myself thinking about my own health, what I eat and take when I get sick and I know for me, I never take chemicals, I never take factory made non organic medicine.  I always search for natural remedies first then wait out the pain or sickness.

Why have I not thought about those methods for my own animals?  I believe that the animals that I love and give so much back to my own heart should get the same treatment I give to myself.  So these men, they have an entire line of natural horse care products, de-wormer for horses with herbs, not chemicals.  The most beautiful part of all of this is that is works.  The whole of it works.  Horses that have been lame consistently take the healing herbs and are doing great being ridden a week later loving life.  I found myself thinking that now, when I have a pet, I need to treat the one I love the way I treat myself, only giving my pets the organic juicy healing herbs that I would take if I had an ailment.

There website is Effective Pet Wellness, I suggest that if you have a beautiful being that gives you loving medicine daily then maybe think about giving your horse or dog or cat the healing medicine that you would take yourself! Just Sayin!


Horse Medicine
Horse Medicine

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