Shedding Layers for the Birth of a New…

This is a personal letter to all lovers of Freeravin Designs…  I am about to embark on an entire Spring Style Cleaning of the entire online inventory.  Currently there is over 280 different designs and styles for sale, and to make room for a new birth of creation I must cleanse out the later.

The online store of Freeravin has been more then just a represented inventory of all my hand made creations, it’s an expression of my heart, an extension of my inner feelings.  To some, Freeravin may look like a business, but to other’s with the inner sight, it is known what Freeravin truly stands for.  This is a design shop for the uninhibited, for those on the path, for those searching and dwelling in the impermanence of this beautiful life we have all been given.  To share in the dance that we call self expression, to adorn oneself with something intentionnaly made representing the artist that dances within all of us.

We have reached out to many, and as I shipped out an order to Switzerland yesterday I was greeted with this line from an email of a customer :


“You are really talented, your creations are amazing, they speak to me. Thank you very much for this gift as it is difficult now to find somebody who have in mind that we are all impermanent.

Have a beautiful day and life !”

It is hard for me to remove over 150 creations from the online store, but my heart knows the new is coming in through my inspirations from recent travels and my upcoming move to a new town, again…  I give you all my sweet loves the weekend to shop for what you love, adorn yourself with this unique expression of intentional healing and unique beauty, then as of the 24th of February many, many designs will be gone forever.  I will have a ceremony as I cleanse the sight, and prepare for the birth of many new styles.

As a bow of gratitude to all of those who have been dancing in support of my business, I offer you 20% your entire purchase using the code openheart at checkout.  I love you all and I love all of the past expressions of beauty I have shared, now we take the weekend to shop and discover what we have yet to see, with a graceful bow I hope we all look forward to the new site, cleansed and revamped in a state of love and gratitude.

Thank you, from the heart of freeravin.

Thank you All
Thank you All

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