The Art of Receiving and then some…

The Art of Receiving and then some…

I feel as though I have been schooled properly on the art of receiving, of how even though getting gifts may be uncomfortable for some of us, when we receive we are actually giving the gift to another of giving.  It’s the circle that we all participate in daily and finding balance to this dance seems to be a pleasure.


This kind of receiving in the material world is simple in a way that it’s clearly defined, you may know what your getting then you try to gracefully receive the gift knowing that you are allowing the other the gift of giving.  It’s beautiful really and has the opportunity to join to hearts in a moment in time.


The art of receiving with the universe has been a bit more of a maze that I find myself walking through.  The universe is an ebb and flow of energy, us beings have our own wiring of energy patterns and how we shift and extend these patterns with in us out into the universe is what we will receive back into our lives.  Therefor allowing me to make the statement that it could be possible, everything we have experienced in our lives is a mirror to what we have asked for energetically from with in us.  I do believe this, however I also believe there are other factors dancing with us in each moment that are not this simple like Karma, other over powering human energy around us and the lesson of fate.


With all this being said I find myself in a new town, creating a new life for myself living in a little tow behind trailer in the back of a friends yard working my butt off to find a job in town and my very own place to live.  I have chosen Sebastopol California to settle, after touring the world and hoping from town to town like an out right gypsy, I have found my body and mind ready for roots.  My soul however seems to want to continue the act of traveling, which I will respond too in time but for now, I must follow my gut and settle, as hard as it may be for the gypsy blood coursing through my veins.


I sit each morning with the intention of creating a pulse inside of me, a pulse that tells the universe exactly what I think I want, so as I begin to walk through my day I find myself in a nourishing work situation, I find myself playing with the right people and I find myself living in the most beautiful open house.


The job has arrived as I find myself hired at the Bliss Organic Day Spa in Sebastopol, CA.  I bow to my inner pulse as this place is beautiful, surrounded by kind peoples and full of love.  The owner is all smiles and kindness and I look forward to serving those that walk through the door with present massages, uplifting energy and however else I may be of service.


During the process of being interviewed I was reminded why I came to Sebastopol, the woman I had just massaged was also a masseuse at the Bliss, and was telling me about her relationship with flower essences and how they can be infused into massage oil.  I sat in a trance listening to her every word feeling the inspiration of learning more and more about the healing arts grow with in me.  I am here to be surrounded by like minded healers, to be inspired by those that want to talk about the same things I do, for once I find myself in a town where I am not the only purple sheep.


Now I sit, writing in my trailer about to go see the house I really want for rent, along with 50 other people at an open house today.  I know that if I am meant to live in this space I’ll get the house, but it reminds me also to be conscious of what must be present with in me to receive the house if offered to me.  The energy of attracting the right environment is a beautiful thing, but I also must have the space with in me to receive it.


I find myself watching the outward motion of projecting the attracting energy into this world, then I watch myself concaving in a sense, creating the space with in me to energetically receive what I am asking for.


I did this with the spa job, I energetically set my space with in, manifesting the energy of what I want from my job, then as I was interviewing I let go of that energy, I saw myself as a hollow bone allowing the space of receiving to fill me so the energy of the job could enter.  This is all hard to describe with words…but easy to feel for some…


Now with the house, I will set my space this morning to the energy of what I want my home to feel like, what I want it to look like and how I want to feel when I am home living and having tea.  Then I let go of all that energy and create space with in to receive the house of my dreams…Thank you Universe for the chance to live, and thank you family for all of the love and support you have sent me on this trying move into a world that still feels unknown to my heart…


Love and miss you all,



I give and receive...
to give and receive…



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