Freeravin Update…

Like a feather resting from a long ride with the wind, Freeravin Designs has landed in beautiful California, Sebastopol to be exact.  The sun shines daily, flowers bloom with abundant scents and friends hold one another in a spiritual space to be recognized by all open hearts.

This has been a long time coming as all of the tribe has gathered in this town, joining in the dream of opening a healing retreat center and dancing with one another to hold space for a brighter future with in and grow internally with a support system of community.

Finding a studio and housing space for Freeravin has been a bit of a California rent price challenge, but sitting on the idea of building a yurt to live in, resting in a beautiful field in the backyard of community seems like the right fit.  Freeravin would be inspired by all of nature surrounding it, listening to birds and bee’s, growing healing herbs to be potted around the living space and joining with great friends for dinners and sweet nights of sharing.

Circular living has been in my heart for a long time now, along with the dream of living closer in contact with nature, living on the land, with the land, in harmony with the land leads one down a path of greater inner awakening, lovely quiet space to become one with this worlds greatest teacher, nature.

So as I sit this weekend, I ponder the necessity of living in a house with a bathroom, having my own shower and kitchen, needing to be coveted by the comforts I was raised with.  I also sit with leaving what I know behind to enter a new faze of my life, one with a circular healing space charged with intentions, having to walk to the bathroom in a separate structure, sharing a kitchen with other beautiful angels and leaving what I have deemed “necessary” behind to find a deeper place to live in with in myself…

At this juncture who knows where Freeravin will land, but Monday will hold the answer and deep growth can take flight.





What is it that we really need to be happy?  Does convenience equal happiness?  Is our evolutionary path bringing us back to nature?  The full circle must begin and end somewhere…or maybe not 🙂

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  1. Sounds like you are off to an amazing start! Good luck sister, love your way ❤

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