Why the Universe is Magic…

The opportunities laid upon our feet in this magical world we call our existence are endless, the cells in our bodies are capable of feats we have yet to be able to conceive with our mind…  And after being broken into a million little pieces we have the ability to love again, live again and dance with those that once broke us.  This my friends is magic.

These endless opportunities are given to each and every one of us, and all we need to access the beauty that is laid at our feet is to open our eyes (and by that I mean our heart) and be…Be with the nature around you, see the trees dancing in the wind and feel the growth of the earth under your feet.

You don’t need a Guru to lead you from light to dark, you are the Guru.

You don’t need a yoga class to open your chakras and bring you closer to enlightenment, you are already in the light.

You don’t need a strict diet regime to cleanse the toxins so your free to evolve, you’re already evolved.

All of these outward strokes of searching and prying into the arms of someone we deem to be ‘more’ enlightened  than ourselves only brings us into a space of thinking we are not enlightened, we are not a child of the divine, we are not evolved.  They are great guides, all of the outward teachings that are shared around us are great tools and to utilize them is a beautiful practice, but to put the weight of your evolution upon them may be a great tragedy.  To believe that there is something we need to obtain and learn in order to be happy and light, is to think it is not already in us and my friends, all the beauty and knowledge and light that exists in this world is already inside of us.  We just need the eyes to sink deep within ourselves and be with it, feel the magic, know we are a child of the divine.

I had a teacher once tell me that I was the cosmic spiral between father sun and mother earth, and I believed him.  I am a child of the divine, I have every bit of cellular magic at the tips of my fingers and I have the opportunities to create the very life I am in love with living.  I believe in magic, and by magic I mean I believe of the glowing light that is within each and every one of us.

I was once blind to this light, I was once so deep under water that to even conceive of knowing these realities was an atrocity to me, but those depths I believe have been the dark balance to the light I am now ale to live fully in.  The yin to my yang…

What if I told you that within your body, there are thousands of miracles happening every second?  That millions upon millions of cells are transforming and performing tasks to keep us alive that you don’t even have to think about?  This to me is a magic, this is a profound happening and with this belief that I am a walking cosmic child of the divine performing millions of miracles per second, I can create anything.

I have harnessed this energy to create the life I love, to live in the backyard of my dearest friends and companions in a circular yurt.  To dance into an aliveness state and bow to the great father and mother that surrounds me, nature.

If you are outwardly searching for a teacher, know that you’re constantly surrounded by one, nature.  The trees will sing you back into yourself, to see the walking beauty you already are, the earth will infuse your system with cellular healing energy so you can rejuvenate yourself with our outward motions of searching outside, reinforcing the belief that it’s not already within you.

I pray that all beings wake up to this knowing, I pray that all beings are released from suffering, which must come from their insides out I know…All opportunities lay with in you…All you have to do is open your heart and sit with a tree, then we can all begin to understand how magic we are together….

You are your the best teacher in this world, you and your heart.
You are your the best teacher in this world, you and your heart.


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  2. Don Juan once told Carlos Castaneda that the only job of a GURU is to convince the student that He/she already has every thing they need.

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