Rebirth into Spring Sun…

The spring comes creeping upon us, bringing bright flowers, smiling faces and new designs for Freeravin.  Allowing quiet time to take hold for the past month, gathering designs, thoughts and intentions to roll out beauty in this next season.  Surprises like setting up a Freeravin Design Studio in sunny Northern California…Leaving Colorado behind us for now we enter into new territory, new bursts of love.

Everything being in perfect timing, the clouds break through allowing Freeravin to rise again decorating and nesting into a space surrounded by tree’s, green grass, bursting poppies, borage rain drops and much, much more.  It’s been a whirlwind entering new territory after long weary roads being traveled day after day, but with time and an open heart anything in this world is possible.

Sitting watching the rain, I wonder about this whirlwind we call life and living, this dance we do from morning until night.  The switching of ideas for praises, the playing with words for a laugh, twisting and twirling through one another life’s as though we are separate beings just bumping into one another…When it’s becoming clearer and clearer to me that we are not separate, that we are intertwined by energetic spirals dancing in one huge cosmic laugh of a dance.

I have also found that the only times I feel down or sorrowful is when I am taking this dance all too seriously.  Like I am being scored on some time kept board and marks are either praising me up or knocking me down.  At the end of every moment, we all know none of this matters.  No number can put a price on our soul and it’s worth, there is no cosmic time table watching how we either react or respond in each moment…So I beg myself to laugh at myself when I take the road of the heavy traveler, the chosen heavy heart and brings me down to depths where I can’t see the rain drops dripping on flower petals.

I speak of all this knowing that one must go to the depths to be able to see the brightest of light, so I honor both paths…I honor them by laughing at the dance that I feel we all play with, the dance of rebirth, death, and ideas that wind us down one particular course or another.

Trying to paint the sweetest picture for the new Freeravin Nest, now located in Sebastopol, California I take this light of heart.  I laugh at my mishaps and dance to the beat my heart sets before me.  I enter into a new state with fear, love, playfulness and wisdom.  I send gratitude to all my beautiful supporters laying low in Colorado and I give a warm graceful thank you to the beautiful beings holding space for me here in California, give thanks…Freeravin takes on another spring.

Welcome to the California Freeravin!
Welcome to the California Freeravin!


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