Let me count the ways…

“Have I thanked you for the wind in the tree’s?”

Quote from a Zen Monk, David Radin.

Such an epic picture this quote paints in my heart, the subtle beauties that arise and fall all around us on a daily basis, oh the gratitude…The thick, sticky, abundant and lovely gratitude.

When the heart is up and resting in this abundance, your on the magic pin point of creation, you are resting  right inside shunya, the possibility of everything.

When the heart is aware of the miracles being laid upon our feets, the clouds part for the sun to shine on our face and remind us, to open our eyes but watch with our hearts.

This world is our playground, and with in this playground we have the chance to share our selves, to bloom into a new spring sensation of life, abundance and opportunity.

I know this American land focuses success on many different aspects, so I tune into what my success looks like, what means what to me and how does this make me feel.

I wrote a letter to myself last night, I asked for my lit path to light up and my heart to stay open to the presence of each moment.  I asked for horses to surround me as my teachers, I asked to travel the world and soak in the wisdom from other cultures so I may enrich my soul.  I asked to be reminded to share my gratitude for all that is, to always remember the beauty that is waiting to be discovered in each moment.  This is my state of ‘success’ in which I enter with gratitude.

I have begun the creation of the new spring line of adornments for Freeravin Designs and I remember why I love this work, I remember how when my hearts pours into each piece, then tiny bits of my love is spread through out this earth touching the hearts of others.  I bow in a state of awareness that through tiny invisible lines connect each and every one of us, and the lines that touch me I hope to infuse with love drops and an abundance of gratitude, as that is all I have.



Thank you for your teachings, and yes….Thank you for the Wind in the Trees…



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  1. Well said! l love the new album that Morley and David and Company did. Love your heart!

  2. What you said is so beautiful! I love the thought of gratitude passing on to other people and linking you to the whole world! I always try to do the same with my paintings – I meditate before painting and pour all my love, all positive emotions into them 🙂

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