We got ourselves a Mama!

Mama’s are like the saxophone player of the jazz band we call our lives, they pop in when we really need them and they can feel like the wind beneath our wings.  What would we do with out our Mama’s?  I am sure many of us have no desire to find out…

Mother’s day, being as it is just around the corner is a time to honor one’s mother, a time when we wrap her up a little present and add a sweet little note, letting her know she is our one and only and we infuse her very being with gratitude and appreciation.  It’s a special time, I remember when I was buying my mother her gift a few days back how elated I became thinking of her opening the wrapping, then adorning herself with my idea of something she would love.

I reach out to my Freeravin lovers and offer you all 35% off for your loving Mama, shop our many styles made with intentional love and know that you are sending your mother a gift that is infused with open heart, high vibratory wishes that she can wear with a unique style and dance around like no one is watching.  Let’s remember, our mothers maybe older then us in years, but in their spirits they are younger then kittens, they remain ageless as they dance through this world spreading their unconditional love to us all.

Use code ILoveMama at checkout www.freeravin.com and shop for that one and only Mama you love, if you want this gift to arrive before Mother’s day I can tell you this…Order before Saturday the 10th and it will, my promise to you and all the wonderful Mama’s of this world.  Happy Shopping!


Special Thank you to my mother, your the most beautiful woman in this world and I pray my character evolves to what you have created with in yourself, as I view you as the most giving, kind, loving, woman I have ever met.  I love you Mama!

My Mama
My Mama

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