In Love with the New Wave….

The new cosmic wave of vibrations has begun, I know all you little fairies can feel it!  It started with a woosh and now there is twinkles abound…The birds chirp and the people are beginning to listen, the moles dig and the people are beginning to share their gardens….We become one with nature after a road of trying to control the outer world hoping it would help our inner pain, but now i hope we all know for sure, the outer freedom of nature is a road to inner peace and inner unconditional love!

Caging nature ought to be a crime, but let us not dwell in spreading the hurt we feel when we see this, but clean up our own back yards.  Let us practice our own inner silence one by one, and the outer world will feel it and shift accordingly.  Simple is the plan, and knowing everything is perfect just as it is is a knowing we must all hold dear in our hearts.

Artist that sing of change like Morley sing of the vibrations we can nurture inside ourselves, so if one is feeling lost tune into her angelic voice and listen to the truth of oneness.  I create pieces like “Morley” as a bow of thanks to her great music and her inner inspirations.

I create pieces like “White Rabbit” to honor the love of nature we see around all of us daily.  Let the knowing of the magic that lays with in feathers be a knowing we all cherish and love, let’s allow what is in perfect condition around us to remain and let’s work on shifting our own inner conditions to match the beauty that abound us all naturally.

One more thing….


I love you…


Morley in Freeravin
Morley in Freeravin

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  1. Darlene Ravin May 16, 2014 — 5:23 pm

    Love your new post.

    Sent from my iPhone Darlene Ravin 303-929-8877


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