New Inspirations from the Coast of Big Sur…

Freeravin Designs has been up and running for over 5 years now, ups and downs ins and outs…After an epic trip to Big Sur this weekend Freeravin has been inspired by the natural jade of the land of Big Sur.  Big Sur Jade is loved by all of the locals of California along with lovers from all around the globe.

We spent hours combing the beaches finding Jade rocks and pebbles, soon to be transformed into a new line of jewelry that will be offered at  The beauty of the Jade is only the first to catch one’s eye, but Jade from the inside out offers the wearer protection, inner strength and it is said to bless what ever it touches.  It is also known as the dream stone said to activate channels to other worlds in the dream state allowing one to travel in dreaming moments.  It also inspires creativity, inspiring a long life and a peaceful death while being considered a powerful healing stone.

The colors vary and the sizes will as well as me and a new Freeravin oncoming artist begin to carve out pendants and earrings to adorn your beautiful selves.  Freeravin will continue to evolve, but I wanted to let you in on this oncoming new blossom that is about to occur.  So stay tuned to and know that soon, Jade from all around the world will be hung in a sexy Freeravin style, then sold to you continuing on this ancient tradition of adorning beautiful woman and men of this earth.

See you soon…

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