The Spirit Medicine of Mount Shasta…


I heard the call and I answered. The mountain, she rang again. It had been almost 5 years since my first visit to Mount Shasta, which was auspicious in itself, but this current visit was to be of another nature.


I have been in a state of lack lately, which only means my soul needs recharging. Thankfully this round I have moved closer to her, so my drive up to the majestic large snow capped beauty was only a five hour trek.


The first glimpse I got of her from the highway took my breathe away just as it has the first time around, she stands tall and proud. Un-moved by anyone and able to hold her ground along with all of the seekers that come to her.


I checked into my cabin at Stewart Mineral Springs, prepared to live my day to day life behind for the moment and soak up the healing that this sacred spot offers. It pours with mineral rich waters where one can go and lay in a tub, filled with this healing water, then sauna, then jump in the 40 degree river water, then return to ones tub. That is the healing ritual, soak in the magic water, sweat out the toxins and cool off with more magical water. Repeat. I did this for a couple of hours before my massage.


The second my body slid into the water run off from Mount Shasta my heart leaped and my body relaxed. It felt like it had been years since I was this relaxed and I slowly slid down into the tub until my entire body was covered in this magical elixir from the earth. I began to rub my face and neck really feeling it all sink in, and when I opened my eyes to gaze down at my feet I saw rainbows of violet and purple cascade around my toes paired with an earthy green. These whimsical colors made sweeping motions around my body like I was being filled up and cleansed at the same time. I watched thinking the harder I stared, the faster it would dissipate before my eyes, but it didn’t. The sweeping motions of color continued as I opened my heart, closed my eyes and just received what ever was being given to me with gratitude.


My body told me when to move to the sauna, so as I rose I felt waves of nausea, flashes of head aches and a loose muscle body waltz into the sauna built for 30. It’s huge, beautiful and very, very hot. The sheet I brought with me was already soaked with sweat and the hot air continued to pump the toxins out of my system. The whole experience felt so long over-due that everything I felt whether it be joy or pain was welcomed.


I am familiar with healing myself, as I have been on this self nurturing journey for over 8 years now, and I know it’s not always pleasant, in fact most of the time when it comes to self healing for me, it feels very painful with bumps of bliss. Which is why I take these steps in strides, but I loved how clear it was that I was supposed to be there. Like I didn’t miss one sign given to me by my angels and I just followed my bliss right into the heart of mother earth.


Sauna time is followed by a dip into the river that runs through all of Stewart Mineral Springs, I hiked down to the rocky point where one climbs in and began to feel the cold surge through my body just from one toe touch. Then both feet, then both calves and as I submerged my body in the 2 ½ foot deep portion of the river I felt the breathe leave my system and the cold shock every particle of me, I climbed out gasping for air and loving the sun on my back.


And repeat. And Repeat until it was time for my massage. I have to admit, being as that I am a holist massage type healer myself it is quite hard for me to feel satisfied with receiving massages, as many therapist I have been to don’t hold the sacred space I wish they would for me to relax into and heal. I met Soraya by the massage room and felt all of my skeptical feelings arise, but I decided to let them simmer and give her a fair open hearted shot at healing me.


Her every touch was sublime, her hands knew just where to go and how hard and how soft to touch, I listened to the river pass throughout the entire massage and she opened parts of my back that I have yet to have opened. For years now I have been dealing with chronic upper back and neck pain, always working on it with different modalities and self care, but she really helped me today. She centered herself and held the space I needed to relax enough so she could reach my tender back and help massage out the kinks that have laid dormant for years. I was blessed by this angel today and I’ll forever hold her in gratitude.


After my session I walked up the mountain and soaked in earth energy, feeling renewed and grateful for the time I took for myself.   This land by Mount Shasta and this water has had the most beautiful impact on my soul. It has carried me through many hard times in the past, I just call on mount Shasta when I feel weak and I can feel her strength imbue me. I was more run down then ever before this trip, and I feel like I went straight to the source.


Sitting in my tiny cabin watching the fire burn feeling by body covered my love and oil and healing water I can feel my soul enriched and my head clear. I can feel my heart grow once again with hope that I will be able to manifest the life I want for myself.


As I lay down now for my last night in this wonderful cabin, I do look forward to going home to the man I love a newly enriched woman, ready to take on the world and stop at nothing until I have two horses in my backyard and a ranch house to-boot along with a job I love that supports me and my family to the fullest. So look out world, I am ready to manifest!


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