Symbolism of the Mystic Feather

The art and act of symbolism has been around for many, many years.  Beings placing meaning onto certain symbols and then embedding their energy into that meaning, then sharing with each generation has left us as a collective filled with many different beautiful symbols that we can use as talismans, or call on for support.

Some may say, a feather is just a feather.  It’s what allows birds to soar and protects others from rain, but some may say that feathers contain a deep mystic symbol that has guided many men into brighter more fulfilling futures.  The meaning is just that, a single meaning but if you believe as thousands of other’s before you have believed in the magic of a feather, then the feathers magic will in turn carry that same symbolism for you.

In some cultures when you are given a feather, it’s a beautiful symbol of trust, strength, power and freedom.  It can also be used for protection when called upon with intention, and also depending on what kind of feather it is also carries different powers.  A Raven feather for instance has special meaning to communicating with other worlds, the Raven symbolizes a bird that communicates between all realms, so if you have a Raven feather you can become closer to the spirit world.

Feathers for me symbolize that I am on the right path, and my true soul’s purpose in this life is on the way to fulfillment.  When ever I am walking or exploring this world, if I see a feather around me than I know I have just received a sign that all is good, and going perfectly.

The power of feathers has guided me for years now which is also why I chose to make a small business out of feather designs, for I feel each pair has a certain power with in it for a different person, all holding different meanings.

I designed “Cloud Hopper”  as a symbol of one who soars through the sky, hops through the clouds and lives from a free spirit knowing no boundaries just as clouds have no boundaries.  The single white feather earring on stunning sterling silver chain mixed in with 14k gold post and cone is a one of a kind, truly.  It has the underside of a wing feathers to make it’s construction, and these feathers are very rare and very hard to come by which also adds to magnificent symbolism of this single earring.  It’s a rare path it holds, taking the wearer on a journey of his or her lifetime.  Bringing one closer to their free spirited dreams.  I originally had it priced at $110 for the rarity of it’s feathers, but now I would like it to sell for $55.00 as I feel strongly the wearer will benefit greatly, and it’s time to share.





Enjoy your chance to have this “Cloud Hopper” design, and know that the feather, once with you carries the many symbol you hold dear, and will help alight the path of your true souls purpose if you truly believe.cloudhopper2

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  1. Wow. Your writing is beautiful. Love Papa

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