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Welcome to the launch of “Ask Scarlet” a new blog thread that will offer a platform for you to send and submit your daily questions to me, Scarlet which I will then respond too. This is a platform for the reader to submit any question their heart desires, from every day life trivia to larger goal driven questions.

Is there something holding you back in life?  Is there an insight you are seeking that may unlock your hidden potential?  Is there an issue with your girlfriend or boyfriend you need insight to?  Are you seeking to feel more peace in your heart, and to open yourself to developing insight that will allow you to feel peace always?  Are you living the life you truly want?  If not, then why not?

Any question sent in that is truly seeking an answer will be answered in the order it is received, and your question will then be posted in the next blog with my input so that many may gain insight from your questions. This is a unique opportunity to receive one on one guidance from me, Scarlet where I will attend to your inquiry channeling the wisdom I give to my clients. is my website and there you can read all about me and my work, and what I do for my clients.  With a wide array of testimonials there for your eyes, you will see that this is a beautiful opportunity for anyone to gain more insight into their lives, opening up more awareness so you can truly begin to live the life you want to live.

I believe with every cell of my body that every single human on this planet can cultivate the life they want to live, all one needs to do is to evolve and gain more insight and awareness, then channel their thoughts to the things they want to create, rather then the things they do not wish to have in their lives.  Many people spend all day thinking about what it is they do’t have, or don’t want not knowing that this is then attracting to them that very thing they fear.  A fundamental shift needs to occur in their awareness in order for them to begin to truly have the life they want to have, and understanding how to respond to every day challenges will then begin to show you how just making small every day changes can build up to seeing how one can create the life they want to live.

It’s time to rise above negativity, open oneself up to the profound awareness that is available to all of us all the time, and allow me to show you what is already there inside yourself.  For I am not here to give you anything new, I am only here to remind you of what it is you already are….God’s highest form of creation.

So take the time to tune into any question you may have and send it over via email at or attach it via response to this blog.  All questions will be recorded then answered with the hopes that as people read the question and answer provided… so they too will gain insight into something they are working on in their own lives, and be able to apply the given insight to themselves!

Happy Evolving!

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  1. I love it honey. Can’t wait to read these questions and andwers.

    Sent from my iPhone


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